Clare College Cambridge


The following arrangements for guests in Term have been agreed with the UCS:

(a) Student rooms are intended for single occupation. It is recognised that a student may wish to have an occasional guest to stay overnight ("night" commences when the gates close at 2 am). You are asked to exercise this privilege with moderation. As a broad guideline, you should not have an overnight guest to stay for more than three nights in any week. Resident Clare students (those renting a room in College) will not normally count towards this total.

(b) Students in special circumstances, wishing to have guests for more than three nights in any week, must apply for their Tutor's permission and inform the Housekeeper in writing.

(c) The maximum total of guest nights (without a Tutor's special permission) during any one Full Term is sixteen.

(d) For the period between the boundaries of Full Term and Term, no more than three guest nights per week (without a Tutor's special permission).

(f) With the introduction of the 9-month lease, students may now have overnight guests during vacations - for up to 3 nights in any one week (ie what is allowed for the period of Term),

(g) All guests, whether from Clare or outside, must be signed in at the Porter's Lodge. This can be done at any of the three lodges, regardless of where your room is, and can be done in person or on the telephone. This is for reasons of safety: if there were a fire or other major incident, the College must be able to provide accurate information about numbers of students on the premises. Resident Clare students may be signed in anonymously as a "Clare Resident".

(h) Bedders, who in the course of their normal duties encounter a person unknown to them, may enquire as to their identity; students and their guests must comply with this request.

(i) Students must accept full responsibility for their guests. Guests may not park cars on College premises except to load and unload.