Clare College Cambridge

Green Awards for 2016


In June 2016 the Environment and Energy Section hosted the University's fourth Green Impact award ceremony, celebrating the achievements of 43 teams in departments and colleges who spent the last academic year striving to make the University more sustainable. Dame Fiona Reynolds presented the awards, which took place in the University's Old Schools Combination Room. 

Clare college for the Third year running won the Gold Award for the college and acheived an Excellence Award for the below project and also won the Environmental Improvement Award and the Student Leadership Award.  Please see below: 

Excellence Award

At Clare College, a small student-led team worked on a project to deliver a Carbon Zero May Ball at Clare for 2016. The challenging aims included zero net greenhouse gas emissions, and no more non-recyclable waste than on a normal day at the College. Thanks to extensive measuring, monitoring and reporting on the project, the team has been able to develop recommendations and guidance on the event to be communicated to other colleges and organisations running similar events. Read more about our Excellence Award in the Varsity by clicking here.

Environmental Improvement Award

The Environmental Improvement award aims to recognise innovative environmental improvements or initiatives put in place by a team or department.

Winner: Deborah Hoy’s intervention to fundamentally change the heating schedule at Clare College was chosen by the judges for its bold approach, and for the significant resulting energy and carbon savings. The initiative resulted in boilers being switched off entirely during the summer months. It is now supported by a new College Heating Policy, and has led to a 7% cut in gas use in a single year, saving the college nearly £30,000 annually. 

Student Leadership Award

This year’s student leadership winner was Amy Carmichael. Amy has been a hugely energetic undergraduate green officer. She has expanded efforts to encourage students to save energy, used talks and formal halls to encourage people to eat less meat, and most extraordinarily, has come up with the imaginative but hugely challenging target of making this year's Clare event the first ever carbon-natural May Ball, winning an 'Excellence' award for the College on top of their staff-led Gold award.