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At Clare, our Postgraduates play a pivotal role in college life. They make vital contributions to three related communities, the JCR, the MCR and the SCR.


Clare Postgraduates have a lot to offer the undergraduates and the Fellows, as well as other postgraduate students.




Being a Postgraduate Student at Clare

At first sight, life as a postgraduate might seem like quite a solitary and potentially lonely existence; after all it conjures up the quintessential image of the scholar burning the midnight oil surrounded only by books and other learned materials. But this is far from the case at Clare. Our college provides a supportive intellectual environment in which to pursue knowledge, bringing together a variety of different cultures, disciplines and perspectives. The Postgraduate Research Forum provides a platform for the regular exchange of ideas and expertise between postgraduates and Fellows.

The hallmark of Clare Postgraduate life is that it combines formality with friendliness, and it is this fusion of Cambridge tradition coupled with approachability that gives Clare such a sincere and delightful atmosphere, creating a highly respected and much sought after college. In short, Clare Postgraduates have a supportive and nurturing college in which they can develop their academic research skills and scholarship, and an environment in which they can flourish and genuinely call 'home' during their time at Cambridge .




The MCR also runs the Study Skills Day for undergraduates in Freshers' week, and the Postgraduate Studies evening where members of the MCR use their experiences of postgraduate life to advise undergraduates about postgraduate courses. In fact being a member of the Clare MCR provides a host of advantages, not all of which are purely academic. For example, there is an exclusive comfortable common room in Old Court with computer access and daily newspapers, not to mention a bar with the best whisky collection in Cambridge and there is a Formal Hall every Friday as well as various specially organized MCR social events such as the Burn's Night Dinner and Dancing, twice-termly joint Formal Halls with the Fellows, and some other joint MCR and SCR ventures such as the Clare Wine Society.

Learn more about the Clare MCR here!


Postgraduate Tutors





Professor Maciej Dunajski
Dr Elizabeth Foyster



We hope you will find the information you need by means of the links to the left of this page. If you have any quiries, please contact the Postgraduate Administrator:

Yuanyuan Zhu by email or telephone Tel: +44 (0)1223 330715