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Getting Involved


Meeting and talking to undergraduates is an insightful experience for our school visitors. Not only does it help pupils and teachers to realise that Cambridge students come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, meeting current students also proves that admissions tutors at the university are dedicated to finding bright, inspirational people who are passionate about their subject. Sharing this enthusiasm with young people in our partner schools is a great way to make a difference to mittigate educational disasvantage in the UK. Undergraduates can help the SLOs events, including Q & A sessions, and support with academic work. However, perhaps most importantly, undergraduates are able to share their experiences of applying to and studying at one of the best universities in the world. If you are interested in getting involved, then please contact either the JCR Access Officer or the SLO.

Simiarly, postgraduate students are in a great position to help the SLOs with all of the above and more. Many postgraduate students teach at the University of Cambridge, and pupils have recently had some fantastic lectures and supervision series designed and delivered by current postgrads at Clare. Volunteering for Clare Schools is a great opportunity to share your research with the public, learn about the UK educational system, and try teaching outside of the university environment. 

We are extremely grateful for the continued support we receive from the Clare fellowship. Clare fellows have been extremely generous with their time in recent years and have given lectures, supervisions, demonstration interviews, and have attended school award ceremonies. 

If you are a current undergraduate, postgraduate or academic member of staff at the University of Cambridge and you would like to get involved with our Schools Liaison Activities, then please get in touch with the SLO.

Please contact them by email at



Undergraduates can get involved with events such as the Hackney STEM Residential