Clare College Cambridge

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

We would like everybody to enjoy studying, working and visiting Clare College in a safe environment.  

As far as is reasonable and practicable all steps have been taken by the College to prevent or minimise the risk of fire. This does not mean, of course, that a fire will never break out. The College provides systems to deal with this eventuality and these are regularly checked to ensure that they are adequate. These tests include: fire evacuation drills; regular inspections/tests of means of escape; maintenance of fire warning systems; emergency lighting and fire-fighting equipment. 

Electrical Equipment

You are responsible for the safety of all electrical appliances - of any sort - which may be connected to a College socket. Cables, connectors, and plugs must be visually checked regularly for signs of wear or poor connection. The College carries out these checks annually and will inform you of the date that your portable electrical appliances need to be checked.  On the day of the checks we ask that you ensure ease of access to all electrical items in your accommodation.

Your room is a place to sleep and must not be used for cooking and food preparation.  In the gyp rooms you are provided with all you need to cook and heat your food.  Therefore, do not bring your own cooking appliances (mini grills, toasters, kettles, steamers, ovens etc) as these are not permitted. Only College appliances may be used for cooking in the gyp rooms and no cooking appliances can be used in your rooms. If you do bring these items, which can significantly increase our risks of fires, we will meet with you to arrange to keep the item in storage for you until you are able to take it off site. 

Fire Doors

Fire doors are in the college to stop the spread of fire and keep your escape route clear of smoke and fire. Do not wedge fire doors open at any time.

Fire Alarm

On hearing the fire alarm leave the building immediately, under no circumstances cover smoke detector heads or interfere with the fire alarm in any way.


Candles cause a significant number of fires every year in the UK, candles must not be used in College accommodation.


Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas, never in Clare College buildings. 

To help you stay safe we have created a short video about fire safety, please take a couple of minutes to watch this.    

Clare College Fire Safety Video