Clare College Cambridge

Professor Phil Allmendinger

Professor Phil Allmendinger

Head of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor of Land Economy

What is your subject and specific area of study?

I research the theory and practices of land use regulation and spatial planning with a focus upon development and housing. Recent projects and publications have explored the fragmenting practices of planning at different scales, the relationship between national objectives and local development strategies and alternative regulatory and fiscal mechanisms for development. This work is grounded within and informed by a range of theoretical frameworks but seeks to make sense of and bridge the gap to how localities approach change in the built and natural environments.

What makes Clare such a good place to study your subject?

Land Economy is the multi and inter-disciplinary study of the role and use of land, real estate and environment within an economy. It applies particularly the disciplines of economics, law and planning for the analysis of the governance of land use, urban areas and interactions with other environmental resources. Clare has a long association with Land Economy and provides a supportive environment for the study of this diverse and exciting subject.

Recent books:
Allmendinger, P. (2016) Neoliberal Spatial Governance, Routledge
Allmendinger, P., Haughton, G., Knieling, J. and Othengrafen, F. (2015) Soft Spaces of      Governance in Europe: A Comparative Perspective, Routledge, London
Metzger, J., Allmendinger, P. and Oosterlynck, S. (2014) Displacing the political: democratic deficits in contemporary European territorial governance, Routledge,       London
Haughton, G. and Allmendinger, P. (2013) Spatial Planning and the New Localism, Routledge
Allmendinger, P. (2011) New Labour and Planning. From New Right to New Left, Routledge

Recent Papers:
Haughton, G. and Allmendinger, P. (2016) Think Tanks and Pressure for Reform in English Planning, Environment and Planning C, (accepted and awaiting publication).
Allmendinger, P., Haughton, G. and Shepherd, E. (2016) Where is planning to be found? Material practices and the multiple spaces of planning, Environment and Planning C, (accepted and awaiting publication).
Haughton, G. and Allmendinger, P. (2016) Fluid Spatial Imaginaries – evolving estuarial city-regional spaces, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (accepted and awaiting publication).
Allmendinger, P., Chilla, T. and Sielker, F. (2014) Europeanizing Territoriality – Towards Soft Spaces?, Environment and Planning A, Environment and Planning A, 46(11): 2703-2717.
Allmendinger, P. and Haughton, G. (2013) Revisiting Spatial Planning, Devolution and the New Planning Spaces, Environment and Planning C, 31: 953-957
Haughton, G and Allmendinger, P. (2013) Spatial Planning and the New Localism, Planning Practice and Research, 28(1): 1-5
Allmendinger, P. and Haughton, G. (2013) The Evolution and Trajectories of Neoliberal Spatial Governance: ‘neoliberal’ episodes in planning, Planning Practice and Research, 28(1): 6-26