Clare College Cambridge

Emeritus Fellows and Life Fellows

Professor Tony Badger

Tony Badger

Emeritus Master
Emeritus Paul Mellon Professor of American History

Professor Bob Blackburn

Bob Blackburn

Emeritus Reader in Sociology

Paul Bristowe

Paul Bristowe

Emeritus Reader in Materials Science

Professor Gillian Brown

Gillian Brown

Emeritus Professor of English as an International Language 

Mr Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Former Director of Music

Professor Paul Cartledge

Paul Cartledge

A.G. Leventis Senior Research Fellow

Dr Richard Dyball

Richard Dyball

Emeritus Reader in Hypothalamic Electrophysiology

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards

Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology

Dr Patricia Fara

Patricia Fara
History and Philosophy of Science

William Foster

William Foster

Secretary of the Alumni Association

Mrs Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Freeman


Tony Grabiner

Tony Grabiner

Emeritus Master

Bill HarrisBill Harris

Emeritus Professor of Anatomy

Dr David Hartley

David Hartley

Former Director of the University of Cambridge Computing Service

Mr Donald Hearn

Donald Hearn

Former Bursar

Professor Volker Heine

Volker Heine

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Andrew Holmes


President of the Australian Academy of Science

Aylmer JohsonAylmer Johnson


Professor Tess Knighton

Tess Knighton

Modern and Medieval Languages

Professor Mike Lapidge

Michael Lapidge


Professor Mike LapidgePeter Leadlay

Emeritus Herchel Smith Professor of Biochemistry

Professor Alan Lucas

Alan Lucas


Dr Terry Moore

Terry Moore


Mr John Newton

John Newton


Wendy Pullan

Wendy Pullan

Emeritus Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies

Dr Ken Riley

Ken Riley


Prof John Robertson

John Robertson

Emeritus Professor in the History of Political Thought


Professor Alison Sinclair

Alison Sinclair

Emeritus Professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History

Professor Tim Smiley

Tim Smiley

Emeritus Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy

Professor Anthony Snodgrass

Anthony Snodgrass

Emeritus Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology

Dr Roger Tapp

Roger Tapp


Dr Adrian Travis

Adrian Travis


Professor Lorraine Tyler

Lorraine Tyler

Director of Research of the Centre for Speech, Language and the Brain

Dr Nigel Woodcock

Nigel Woodcock

Emeritus Reader in Earth Sciences

Dr Nigel Woodcock

Jim Woodhouse

Emeritus Professor of Structural Dynamics