Clare College Cambridge


Number of students per year: 1-2 
Typical offer: A*AA at A-level or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB, or the equivalent from other educational systems. For Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers - Offers usually require AAA at Advanced Higher Grade; bands may be specified.
Essential subjects: There are no specific requirements on subjects studied at A-level for Education candidates. 
Written assessment: TBC


Studying Education


 The Faculty of Education at Cambridge is considered a leading institution internationally for the quality of its teaching and its cutting-edge research. The attractiveness of its Education degree is in its diversity and flexibility. The degree allows all students to study the core disciplines of education (philosophy, psychology, sociology and the history of education), as well as engage with fundamental questions about the aims and values of education and its relationship to society and social justice. You can address issues about the role of learning in relation to the development of young people’s communication and intellectual skills, develop an understanding of global and national concerns about educational justice and human rights and/or explore the creative and educative power of the arts and culture. Further you will become skilled in conducting research into complex and sometimes controversial topics.


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