Clare College Cambridge

Leah Grant

Hello, my name is Leah and I am an economist at Clare. Studying at Clare over the last year has been quite an adventure, I have met so many great people and honestly feel as though Clare is my second home. The support network we have at college is second to none, and everyone (genuinely, everyone!) is so warm and welcoming here.

Although the Economic Tripos at Cambridge can be quite intense and demanding at times, the supervision system we have in college is quite comprehensive. Supervisions usually last around an hour, in which we submit problem sheets or essays completed beforehand. Economics is at least half about essay writing, the other half consists of problem-solving, especially for the short-answer sections of some papers, and for the mathematical and statistical papers. Supervisions are a great way to consolidate lecture material and are also an opportunity to discuss anything you or your supervision partner may have had trouble with, with an expert in your field.

In college, everyone has a Director of Studies, responsible for organising supervisions and generally anything academic related, and a Tutor, who is a source of pastoral support too. Having an open line of communication with your Director of Studies and Tutor is really important, especially if any issues regarding academic or the like arise during your time here.

When you first arrive, things can be quite hectic and it might take a while before settling in fully but there is so much support in college, both academic and personal, so you never have to worry about feeling alone. Moreover, outside of academics, Clare has a vast array of societies and sports clubs that I would definitely recommend giving a go. Societies are a great way to meet other students, relax and develop practical skills. Clare has a society for all almost all preferences and tastes, for example it is the only college in the university that has two student investment funds that invest real money into financial markets amongst numerous others (including lacrosse, rowing and even a gardening society to name a few).