Clare College Cambridge

Dr Sarah Penington (Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Bath)

I hugely enjoyed the four years I spent as a Maths student at Clare. I was grateful to the college for allowing me to take a gap year, and spend a year doing something non-mathematical before starting university. Being part of a group of twelve Clare mathematicians meant there were always friendly faces to sit next to in lectures, and people to chat to about problem sheets. All first year students live together in Memorial Court, which made it easy to get to know people (across all different subjects). Most of my closest friends are people I met ten years ago in my first year at Clare. The short walk at dinner time from Memorial Court across Clare bridge to Old Court, with its stunning views of the river, always reminded me how lucky I was to be a student at Clare.

After finishing my fourth year (Part III) at Cambridge in 2013, I was a PhD student at St John's College, Oxford, for three years. My research is in probability theory, mostly motivated by questions from population genetics. I stayed at Oxford as a Junior Research Fellow at New College, before moving to the University of Bath as a Prize Fellow in 2018.