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If you are a current student and require a transcript the Tutorial Office can provide you with an unofficial copy.  This will be downloaded via CamSIS, printed onto headed paper, then signed and stamped by a member of the Tutorial Office.

Please request an unofficial copy here.

Your 'official' University Transcript (hard copy) will not be be issued to you until you have successfully completed your degree. The transcript is proof of your matriculation and lists the overall class mark achieved as well as a break down of all the marks gained for individual papers taken in your Tripos.

The Tutorial Office will usually receive the transcripts (free of charge) from the University's Student Registry by the end of September so it is VERY important that you ensure your contact details held by the Tutorial Office are up-to-date so that a copy of your Transcript can be forwarded to the correct mailing address.

Official Academic Transcripts online

University of Cambridge now issues transcripts online