Clare College Cambridge

College Network Connection Charges

How much does it cost?

From October 2020 the connection charge will be included in the your room rent.  Properties without a College-supplied service will receive a rebate.  You may Opt-Out of the charge if you don't want to use the College's wired or Wi-Fi network.


Undergraduate Cost per Term

Graduate Monthly Cost

(Equivalent to 4 x Terms PA)

2018-19 £35 £11.67
2019-20 £36 £12.00
2020-21 £37 £12.33
2021-22 £38 £12.67


What Does it Cover?

We subscribe to University's Wi-Fi service providing Eduroam and UniOfCam wireless networks. We continually evaluate and invest income to improve our Wi-Fi services, most undergraduate accommodation and communal areas are covered by Wi-Fi.

We also provide a wired Ethernet service that provides fast, relaible access to the internet, e-mail, and the central resources of the University and Departments.  All undergraduate student rooms contain one or more wired Ethernet connection.

Opting-Out of the Charge

The charge goes towards the provision of new, maintenance of existing, and periodic replacement of College network facilities plus the resulting internet traffic charges from the University.

The Network Connection Charge is not compulsory and only applies to rooms with a College-provided network service. If you do not want to use the College's network services (wired or Wi-Fi), you must opt out by completing this form at the start of each academic year:

Clare Network Opt-Out Form

By opting out, you agree to not use the wired or wireless facilities (the communal Desktop Services computer facilities remain free to all). If you are found to be in breach of the opt-out, you will be charged retrospectively. The Opt-Out form must be printed, signed and submitted to the Bursary within one week of the start of Full Term.