Clare College Cambridge

Careers Support

Clare College offers a world class education to its students, and those students go on to perform at the top levels of academia, industry, government, the arts, development and many other professional spheres. However, getting a good degree is not enough to guarantee that graduates will be able to secure the job they want or win the opportunity to pursue postgraduate study.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of resources available to Clare students to assist them in identifying and successfully pursuing the best career opportunities. Clare provides a systematic and structured programme of careers support that is an integral part of the student experience. This support includes opportunities for Work Experience at Clare, Business Contacts service, Summer Placements and Study Grants, career Opportunity Grants, and various Careers Sessions, The University also offers various Training Courses and runs an excellent Careers Service that can provide professional advice on the full range of career paths.

To take the first steps towards securing the future they want, students should look at the information and resources provided by the University Careers Service. This includes access to Handshake, an innovative career development platform available to all current Cambridge students and alumni. The Careers Service also offers personalised career consultation appointments. Students should also explore the links on the left hand side of this page, and make use of their tutors to discuss career plans.

Information about the Clare Careers Service and the relevant opportunaities can be downloaded in the attached pamphlet here.