Clare College Cambridge


Cambridge University:

Black Advisory Hub: established to help build a diverse and inclusive community for all students and staff members at the University of Cambridge as part of the institutional action to improve Black students' outcomes at Cambridge.

Clare BAME Community - closed facebook is a safe space for sharing ideas, events and concerns with other Clare BAME students.

Clare BAME Students public Facebook page.

Cambridge SU BME Campaign 

Fly  - Cambridge University's network and forum for women and non-binary students of colour

FUSE - For BAME students who identify as LGBTQ+,

Cambridge BME Theatre Group -  Facebook group for BME Students, resource for networking with other members of the BME theatre scene in Cambridge.

Details of Cambrige societies eg African Caribbean Society (ACS), Cambridge University Pakistan Society (PakSoc),  Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS), The Black Cantabs Society

can be found at

The University Counselling Service (UCS) offers an option of requesting a BME Counsellor on their online self referral form:

National Resources and Networks:

AFBE-UK promotes higher achievements in education and engineering particularly among people from Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) backgrounds. Their mission is to increase the number of BME Engineers who succeed professionally and support young people to explore a career in engineering.

Black History 365 is a website 'Celebrating Great Black British Achievers'. Here you can find news, listings, features, information about education and training, fostering and adoption and more. 

The NUS Black Students’ Campaign works on a national level to campaign for BME students.

What to do if you experience ongoing racism or a racist incident or attack: 

Advice and support can be provided in College through the Health & Wellbeing Centre. You can make an appointment with either Helen or Esther here. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to give information prior to an appointment, you can fill out the Health & Wellbeing Centre Support and Advice Form

Alternatively, students can access support through their Tutor, the Dean, or another preferred staff member in the College, including the Senior Tutor. Students can also access external support through the University  Counselling Service or Student's Advice Service. The University also operates a Breaking the Silence' Campaign aimed at preventing harassment and offering support. 

You do not need to formally report racist behaviour in order to seek support. Many students seek support and advice before deciding whether to report. Should you choose to report your experiences, there are various avenues for this:

1. The College's Respect and Dignity Policy and Guidance and Procedures for Students Reporting Misconduct Committed by Other Students can be found here

2. The University has anonymous, informal, and formal reporting pathways. These are managed by OSCCA, the Office for Student Conduct, Complaints, and Appeals. 

3. The Police also offer different methods of reporting. You can report anonymously through 'Report it', a centralised report/support system for those experiencing hate crime. You can also report directly to the local Police

Please remember: if your personal safety is ever at risk as the result of a racist attack, please call 999.