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(Including Biological Anthropology and Ancient Near East studies)
Number of students per year: 1-2
Typical offer: A*AA at A-level or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB or the equivalent in other educational systems. Candidates are not expected to have a particular combination of subjects at A-level (or equivalent). For Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers - Offers usually require AAA at Advanced Higher Grade; bands may be specified.
Essential subjects: There are no specific requirements on subjects studied at A-level. Applicants for Egyptology and Assyriology are strongly encouraged to have studied an ancient or modern language. 
Written assessment: All applicants who are selected for interview are required to take the university-wide at-interview written assessment for Archaeology. Further information about this is available here.


Archaeology spans a huge range of topics: from the evolution of humans through to the development of farming, ancient civilisations and world empires, as well as the role of material culture in human life and the politics of heritage in modern societies. The Archaeology Tripos is a three-year degree. Students can follow several streams – Archaeology (covering all world cultures), Biological Anthropology (covering human biological diversity, evolution and primates), and/or Egyptology and Assyriology (including both a language archaeology.).

With the Division of Archaeology and the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge is one of the largest centres of archaeological research in Britain, and we have recently been awarded top place in the Good University Guide for Archaeology in the UK. Archaeology students at Cambridge benefit from direct hands-on access to and teaching with world-class collections in Cambridge’s many museums, libraries and research centres. From 2017 onwards, Cambridge is launching an exciting new undergraduate degree programme in single honours archaeology.


Director of Studies in Archaeology

Dr Sheila Kohring Manager of the Material Culture Laboratory. Dr Kohring specialises in later European Prehistory (Western Atlantic Fringe, including Britain) and Material Culture, Technology and Society (Pottery, Lithics, Art).

Other Clare College Fellows

Professor Marta Mirazón Lahr Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology and Prehistory, Director of the Duckworth Laboratory. Dr Lahr specialises in human evolution and human adaptation (Genetics, Morphology).

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