Clare College Cambridge

Archaeology & Anthropology

Faculty Library (Haddon Library)

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Archaeology is classed at 930.1 and is on the upper floor balcony. 

Because Anthropology is so wide-ranging you will need to use books from various parts of the Library.  Social anthropology books will mostly be in Social Sciences, classmark 300 - , and particularly in 305 which is the number for social groups.  These are also shelved on the upper floor.

Biological anthropology books will mostly be in Life Sciences, classmark 570 - , and particularly in 573 which is the number for specific physiological systems in animals, regional histology and physiology.  These are shelved on the raised area of the lower floor.

Make sure that you check the catalogue (iDiscover) for any book that you are looking for.  If you are unable to find it listed, please ask at the Main Desk. 

If we do not have a book that you need you are welcome to fill in a Book Recommendation Form.