Clare College Cambridge

Applying for MML at Clare


Admissions Requirements


All applicants must be studying at least one language at A-level or equivalent. Offers for MML at Clare are based on A-level or equivalent examination results, a typical offer being A*AA at A-level or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB.


Some tips on applying


  • Check that the Cambridge course really does suit your own interests and aptitudes. For example, conversational fluency in a language is obviously something that we aim at, but it is not the only important aspect.
  • The course is designed to help students gain a deep understanding not only of language but also of cultural context. Whether you are going to continue a language post-A-level or start a new one ab initio, we would expect you to have begun to engage with some elements of the culture of the country in question, whether literature, art, architecture, film, music or history, and to think critically about these aspects. Try to emphasise this engagement in your UCAS personal statement.
  • Try also to look outside the sort of work you are doing at A-level (or equivalent), though we do not require any specific additional preparation, and foreign travel is not essential. The Cambridge course encourages a comprehensive approach, an enquiring way of thought that can be very stimulating and inspiring.
  • See here and here for more information and advice from the Faculty, including links to some learning resources, such as HE+ for Modern Languages.

Interviews and Written Assessment


Candidates who are selected for interview will be interviewed in the second or third week of December. Each candidate will normally have two interviews, one for each of the languages to be studied at Cambridge. If you are intending to study a language from scratch you will clearly not be expected to have the same level as at A-level, but you will still have an interview for that language. A part of each interview will usually be in the foreign language (if you applying to do that language post A-level) or related to that language (if you are applying as a beginner in that language). Candidates, including those applying to take up a new language, will usually prepare a passage in the foreign language for discussion.

All applicants are also required to take a 60-minute MML written assessment at the time of the interviews. You will be given a brief non-literary passage in English and have to answer questions using one of the languages you are hoping to study at Cambridge (no dictionaries). Applicants wishing to combine a modern European language with Classical Latin or Classical Greek will undertake the MML written assessment using the modern European language; their classical language will be assessed during the interview for that language. Further information about the MML written assessment is available here. Applicants wishing to combine a modern European language with a Middle-Eastern language will take the MML written assessment at the time of the interviews, as well as the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) pre-interview written assessment. Further information about the AMES written assessment is available here.