Clare College Cambridge

Applying for History of Art

History of Art Admission to Clare


The typical offer for History of Art in the English A-Level system is A*AA, with the A* to be in an essay-based subject (and not, for example, in Art and Design). Colleges have power to vary this if particular circumstances merit it, and will also be able to give advice to potential applicants in case of uncertainty as to what comprises an essay-based subject. Other typical offers would be based on 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB or the equivalent in other educational systems. 


Written Assessment


All applicants are required to take the university-wide at-interview written assessment for History of Art. Further information about this is available here.


Written Work and Interviews


All applicants, except in exceptional circumstances, will be interviewed in the second or third week of December. Each candidate will normally have two interviews.To give you a further way of showing your potential, we also invite you to submit two pieces of written school work. We will write to you to ask for this work to be sent to us by the middle of November, preceding the December interviews. We like to see school work because it does not involve candidates in any extra preparation, and it gives us a chance to see how you work under everyday, as well as examination conditions.