Clare College Cambridge

Applying for Economics


Who Can Study Economics?

Both Arts and Science subjects provide a suitable school background to Economics at University and there is not one, ideal, combination of subjects you should be studying. While most students have taken Economics at school, this is not a requirement and those without Economics are at no disadvantage. The only prerequisite is a strong background in Maths, meaning that you must be taking at least A-level Maths (or its equivalent). If you can take Further Maths we would recommend you do so and, if you have the choice, we would recommend you specialise in statistics rather than mechanics.


Applying to Clare – What Are We Looking For?


We aim to admit 5-6 students each year to read Economics and our goal is to admit the most intellectually talented students, irrespective of background, with the potential to achieve first class results. We therefore welcome applications from students with an outstanding academic record, who combine a keen interest in the workings of society with a talent for mathematics, logical analysis and the ability to express themselves clearly.


Applying to Clare – Interviews and Selection


Entry into Economics is highly competitive and our selection decisions are based on a number of factors. Your academic record, of course, is extremely important, but we also consider your performance in the pre-interview written assessment for Economics, your school reference, your personal statement and, particularly, your performance at interview. Applicants who are selected for interview will be called for interview in the second or third week of December. Each applicant will usually have two subject interviews with Fellows of the College, each lasting approximately 25 minutes, during which we will explore in detail your interest in Economics.

For successful applicants a typical offer is A*A*A at A-level or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) or the equivalent in other educational systems. Students from the EU or overseas should consult the University Admissions Website for further information.