Clare College Cambridge

Activities for Secondary Schools

Owing to COVID, we are not currently running in-person events. However, we are happy to receive enquiries from schools on and to discuss booking virtual events in the spring or summer. 


The normal range of activites we offer are given below:

Subject Talks

(1 hour)

A talk on a specific academic subject, usually delivered by one of the Fellows of the college.

'Saved' Workshop

(1 hour)

A Workshop on endangered species. Each group must convince the other groups that their animal should be the one that is saved.

Women in Science

(45 mins)

A talk given by an historian, on women’s roles in science.

How Cambridge Works

(30 mins)

An introduction to Cambridge University.

Interview Preparation

(45 mins)

How to prepare for Cambridge interviews.


(45 mins)

A presentation to dispel some commonly-held beliefs about Cambridge.


(20 mins)

A short presentation explaining the new Supplementary Application Questionnaire for Cambridge applications.


(30 mins)

An interactive presentation explaining the Cambridge Thinking Skills Assessment, with the opportunity to try out some questions for yourself!

Which University?

(40 mins)

Everything you need to know about getting to university.

Personal Statements

(20 mins)

A short presentation on how to write a good personal statement.


(20 mins)

For teachers - how to write a good reference for Cambridge applicants.

Student Finance (30 mins) A complete explanation of student finances, with an optional activity that gets students to calculate their weekly budget.