Clare College Cambridge

Undergraduate Accommodation

Undergraduate accommodation is provided by Clare College normally for three years.  As you can imagine the type of accommodation available varies quite a bit: from rooms in its elegant Old Court, some of which have spectacular views over the gardens and river to Memorial Court, across the river, in which the rooms are large and spacious.  Lerner Court which is a very modern living space opened in 2008 and then there is the Colony on Chesterton Lane which is made up of large houses converted into student lodgings. 

All first years live in Memorial, Thirkill and Lerner Courts and will have been assigned a room before they arrive.

Almost every student room has access to a 'gyp room' which is a small kitchen equipped with a kettle, toaster, microwave, two ring hob and a fridge.  The facilities are suitable for preparing light snacks. Deep fat fryers, portable ovens and other cooking appliances are not allowed.  The College does not provide crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, so you may like to bring your own. 

All student rooms are fully furnished with desks/tables, chairs, beds and wardrobes.  Students should not bring their own furniture into College rooms; nor must furniture be removed from any room.  At the start of each academic year a room inventory form will be emailed to the student. The student should complete the form and return it via email within the first week of taking up occupancy.  The College will respond positively for any requests for replacement/additional furniture.

Accommodation Manager

Day-to-day oversight and upkeep of all College rooms is the responsibility of the Accommodation Manager, Mrs Jackie Searle. She also ensures that rooms, furnishings and staircase facilities are treated properly by students and will alert the Rooms Tutor to any problems. Email

Rooms Coordinator

Situated in N1 along with the Accommodation Manager, the Rooms Coordinator, collates information and deals in the first instance with any room enquiry. 

Rooms Tutor

The Rooms Tutor is Dr Ian Burrows and he is responsible for allocation of College rooms to undergraduate students and Fellows.  The Rooms Tutor also deals with any problems arising with room allocation, usage and overall capacity.

Room Allocation and Ballot

Current first and second year students are entered into a ballot, managed by the Rooms Coordinator, which determines the order in which they are able to choose their room.


All Freshers and any student in en-suite accommodation in the Memorial Court complex are required to vacate their rooms at the end of the full term (Michaelmas and Lent only).

Termly Lease:  A total of 227 nights over 3 terms. 

9 Month Lease:  A total of 261 nights and covers all holidays. 

The exception is at the end of Easter Term when students that are graduating can remain in their accommodation until the morning after graduation.

Term Dates

Residency Out of Term

Any undergraduate seeking accommodation outside of their lease date must complete a vacation accommodation application form; this is the only means by which such requests can be made. It is quite likely that you will not be able to remain in your normal room, but every effort is made to ensure that a room is found for anyone seeking accommodation. The College makes a standard charge for such accommodation. Forms are sent out by the Accommodation Manager prior to the end of each term; all forms must be returned.

Cleaning of Rooms and Staircases 

Student rooms will be cleaned on a weekly basis.  The cleaning day will be confirmed on the cleaning schedule pinned to the notice board outside of each room. Communal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms will be cleaned daily. Room bins are to be left outside the door when they need to be emptied .They should be returned to the room once collected.At the end of each term please leave your room in good order .Failure to do so could result in a fine. Please practice social distancing if your bedder is cleaning your room or communal areas. 

Television Licences

It is your responsibility to obtain a TV license for any television receiver brought into College, including using your computer to watch broadcast programmes.  Your home address license will not cover you and there is no College-wide cover.  TV licensing authorities make checks on a regular basis and you are personally liable for any fines imposed.

Maintenance and Fault Reporting 

Maintenance and repairs to all College buildings and graduate housing is controlled by the Buildings Office team. All requests for maintenance repairs (for example broken windows, water leaks, electrical failures, heating problems etc) are made through a computerized reporting system. This can be accessed on-line via the College network

Storage Facilities  

In most cases when you vacate your room at the end of any term you are required to arrange that all your property is removed and taken home or placed in the lockable storage facilities in your room. 

Overseas students can apply for a storage space from the Accommodation Manager

Laundry Facilities

Card or App operated washing machines and dryers are available in the College for use by its members. Laundries are located in O Basement, Lerner Court, G Staircase in Old Court and in Castle End and Castle House at the Colony.

Recycling Facilities

As part of the Colleges environmental policy we have made a commitment to recycle as much waste as possible in the safest possible manner. Recycling facilities in the College are clearly labeled and are available as follows:

Glass Can be put in the multi co-mingled bins

Bins are provided (for paper, newspaper, magazines – not cardboard) in all porters’ lodges, the LCR, the photocopy room in Old Court and all computer rooms.

Batteries Bins for used batteries are provided in the photocopy rooms on N and F Staircases and all porters' lodges
Multi waste                           

Multi Co-mingled bins are provided in all college rooms.  These bins are suitable for glass, plastic, paper , cardboard and tin.

All  student rooms are provided with recycling bins for multi co-mingled waste. These are emptied by the bedder when left outside the room.