Clare College Cambridge

Who's Who and Who Does What?

Picture by Vincent Lien

The College is a working and residential community of around 950 people: Fellows (the 'Senior Members'), undergraduate and postgraduate students (the 'Junior Members'), and Staff. Its main purpose is to support education and research. For a smallish community, the College can appear remarkably complex. Subsequent sections of the Handbook will provide more detailed descriptions of the various departments and about how to deal with problems which may arise. This section provides a brief overview of the College as an institution. How does it work? How are decisions made and implemented? Who is responsible for which areas of College life?

The Master and the College Officers

Policies are decided by the committees. The major committees are chaired by the Master, Lord Grabiner.  According to the College Statutes, the role of the Master is to `exercise a general supervision over all the affairs of the College'. Day-to-day administration is the responsibility of College Officers, elected from among the Fellows. The College Officers include Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas (Senior Tutor) and Mr Paul Warren (Bursar).

The Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor, Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas, has overall responsibility for the education and welfare of all the students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. All Members of the College - Fellows, students and staff - are welcome to discuss general or individual problems with her, and the best way to make an appointment is by email. However, students should normally consult their supervisor, Director of Studies or Tutor first.

The Graduate Tutor(s)

The Graduate Tutor(s), Dr Maciej Dunajski and Dr Sian Lazar are responsible for graduate students and deal with all matters relating to admissions, academic progress, research leave, accommodation and applications for research grants and scholarships. The Graduate Tutor(s) will, when necessary, also deal with any University and Faculty authorities on behalf of graduate students.

Financial Tutor

The Financial Tutor, Dr Fred Parker, deals with any student problems that are primarily of a financial nature. He can, in certain circumstances, make special arrangements for payment of College Bills and can advise on your eligibility for assistance from various hardship funds by means of either grants or loans. You should talk to him before running significantly into debt with a bank or other interest-charging lender. He can also advise about the availability of College travel grants and undergraduate research funds. You can make an appointment by emailing him on

Directors of Studies

Responsibility for educational matters is divided between the University and Colleges.  In a College, responsibility for academic arrangements in each subject lies with the respective Director of Studies.

Your Director of Studies will see you at the beginning and end of every Term to advise you on your work, arrange supervisions, and generally monitor your progress.  If any questions arise in relation to your work, you should discuss them with your Director of Studies.  Most Director of Studies are also Fellows of the College and members of the University Departments, and are well-placed to view problems in context and to liaise with others (eg your Tutor) if appropriate. Directors of Studies do not have set ‘office hours’ but they can always be contacted by email.


The College Bursar is Mr Paul Warren.  He is based in room G3, Old Court and is the College Officer who is responsible to the College Council for the income and expenditure of the College and gives guidance as to any financial implications of any policy that the Council may consider.  He is also has overall responsibility for Human Resources.

Graduate Admissions Tutor

Professor Anna Philpott deals with the admission of graduate students.

Admissions Tutors

Professor Howard Griffiths [Sciences] and Dr Tim Chesters [Arts] deal with admissions matters and Open Days.  Dr Edgar Turner, Outreach and Access Tutor works closely with the Schools Liaison Officers, Charlotte Ellis and Rachel Chiodo.

Hammond Careers Tutor

Dr Jason Carroll organises the provision of careers advice to undergraduates and postgraduates

Rooms Tutor

Dr Philip Faulkner is responsible for the allocation of college rooms to Fellows and Students.


Dr Charles Weiss will present you at your degree ceremony, where he is also required by the University to vouch for your learning and morals.

Development Director 

Mr Bill O'Hearn.  The Development Office is responsible for raising funds for various College purposes (such as student bursaries, buildings and teaching), for producing publications such as the twice-yearly Clare News, and for arranging an extensive programme of events for Clare alumni (former students). The Development Office is able to offer current students temporary (paid) jobs, especially during the Telephone Campaign which takes place in the Easter vacation. The Office is open between 08.45 and 17.00 weekdays and is located in E5, Old Court.

Director of Music

Mr Graham Ross directs the Chapel Choir and oversees other musical activities in the College.

The Tutors

All students have a Tutor. The Tutors operate a night-time rota, so that a Duty Tutor is always on call in an emergency, except during the long vacation.  For more information on the support your Tutor provides see here.

The Academic Dean

The Academic Dean, Prof. Jonathan Goodman oversees the optimal composition of the Fellowship and works with the Senior Tutor to ensure that the College can provide excellence in education for all students in all subjects.

International Tutor

Professor Roel Sterckx provides informal guidance for students of any nationality (including UK) who would like to discuss the difficulties of living and studying overseas in an environment that may be different not only linguistically but also culturally.

The College Dean

The College Dean the Rev'd Dr Mark Smith, is responsible for the conduct of services in Chapel, and has a pastoral role among the Fellows, staff, students (undergraduate and graduate) and all members of the College.   He is happy to talk with all members – of any faith or none – about any matters of concern, interest or curiosity.

Dean of Students

Dr Tamara Follini is the Dean of Students and is responsible for good order and discipline – both within the College and for matters which happen externally that impact upon the College.  Please look at the student handbook for discipline polices etc..