Clare College Cambridge

Weekday Graduate Evensongs & Hall

Weekday Evensongs & Formal Hall | Tuesdays & Thursdays during term

Following some Tuesday and Thursday Evensongs, graduates from Clare and Clare Hall are invited to attend Clare formal dinner together. Space at dinner is limited, so it is best to book your spot early. If you would like to come to dinner, please book by the Friday before, by noon.

To book: Leave an envelope with £10.70 (£7.10 for Clare KFC) in Alex Hampton's pigeonhole at the Porter's Lodge at Clare Memorial Court. Memorial Court is located on Queen's Road between Clare Old Court and the University Library (map). NB. Please write your name, email, date of desired booking and dietary requirements on the envelope. Cheques can be made out to 'Clare College'.

Dates for Michaelmas: October 29, November 7, 12, 14, 18, 21.

Clare Hall & Clare Chapel

Because of the historical association between the two colleges, the Chapel at Clare College is also Clare Hall’s. Together, members of the Clare Hall GSB and Clare College’s MCR make up the graduate community at the Chapel.