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Undergraduate Travel and Research Grant

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and benefactors, the College is able to make a Travel and Research Grant available to all undergraduates who are registered, full-time members of Clare College, and who are enrolled on a course of at least three years’ duration. Each student who fulfils these criteria is allocated £300 at the beginning of his or her degree and may use it for travel that either relates to that student’s course of study, or which might be regarded as generally beneficial to them. The £300 may be used to fund one trip, or else a series of smaller trips.




The College is willing to consider applications that either relate to a student’s course of study, or which may be construed as travel generally beneficial to that student.

Courses appearing on the University’s ‘Pink List’ of Vacation Grant courses are NOT eligible for support; for these you must apply to the relevant Faculty through your Director of Studies.

The maximum amount available to an undergraduate* during his or her degree is £300. This may be used to fund one trip or course of study, or else may be taken in increments. The overall total claimed throughout an undergraduate course cannot exceed £300.


Students planning to travel by airplane are asked to calculate the environmental impact of their flight at using the Emissions Calculator. This is for data collection only, you will not be required to pay for carbon offsetting, nor will your decision to travel by airplane in any way affect the outcome of your travel grant application. In calculating your emissions consider that the annual sustainable carbon allowance is 3000kg per person (German Advisory Council on Global Change).


2 emissions incurred through this trip ______________________kg

As a percentage of my annual sustainable carbon allowance ______________________%


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Total Cost of Trip
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Description of Proposed Travel or Research
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