Clare College Cambridge

Teaching Fellows


The present teaching Fellows are as follows. In those few subjects in which the College does not have a Fellow, arrangements are made for an External Director of Studies (from elsewhere within the University). The list includes Fellows who are available to teach, or to advise on teaching, whether or not they formally hold teaching posts.

Italics denotes a Director of Studies; some people direct studies for particular parts of the tripos and this information is given in brackets. An asterisk (*) indicates an External Director of Studies


Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Dr Fiona Edmonds Senior Lecturer in Celtic History 

Dr Rory Naismith Leverhulme Research Fellow


Dr Wendy Pullan Reader in Architecture and Urban Studies

Archaeology and Anthropology (see HSPS)


Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Rachael Harris Senior Language Teaching Officer in Arabic. Director of Studies in Arabic, Persian and Hebrew

Prof. Roel Sterckx  Needham Professor of Chinese.  Director of Studies in Chinese and Japanese

Chemical Engineering

Dr Bart Hallmark* Lecturer in Chemical Engineering



Dr Charles Weiss College Lecturer in Classics
Prof. Paul Cartledge  Emeritus A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture

Computer Science

Prof. Lawrence Paulson Professor of Computational Logic
Arno Pauly Research Fellow


Dr Melvyn Weeks  Senior Lecturer in Economics (Part IIB)

Dr Phil Faulkner Senior College Teaching Officer (Parts I and IIA)

Dr Flavio Toxvaerd  Lecturer in Economics

Dr Nicholas Zammit Teaching Associate in Economics

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti Professor of Macroecomics


Dr Sue Brindley* Senior Lecturer in Education


Mr Aylmer Johnson Senior Lecturer in Engineering

Professor William Byrne  Professor of Information Engineering

Prof James Woodhouse  Professor of Structural Dynamics

Dr Ioannis Lestas University Lecturer in Engineering

Dr Nathan Crilly University Senior Lecturer in Engineering Design

Dr Adrià de Gispert Senior Research Associate, Information Engineering


Dr Fred Parker  Senior Lecturer in English (Part IB)

Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas Senior College Lecturer in English (Part IA) 

Dr Tamara Follini Senior College Lecturer in English (Part II)

Dr Anne Stillman College Lecturer


Dr Andrew Friend Reader in Geography

Dr Iain Black* Director of Studies


Dr Elizabeth Foyster  College Lecturer

Dr Hubertus Jahn Reader in History of Russia and the Caucasus
Dr Andrew Preston Reader in American History

Dr John Robertson Professor of the History of Political Thought

Dr John Guy Teaching Fellow in History

Prof. Anthony Badger Emeritus Paul Mellon Professor of American History
Dr Ruth Watson
 University Lecturer in African History
Ms Florence Sutcliffe Braithwaite

History of Art

Revd Dr John Munns*

Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)

(uniting Politics, Psychology and Sociology with Archaeology and Anthropology)
Dr Helen Thompson  Reader in Politics (Part I HSPS; Part II Sociology, Politics and International Relations)
Dr Sian Lazar
 University Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology
Dr Marta Lahr
 Reader in Biological Anthropology
Dr Sheila Kohring

Land Economy

Prof. Philip Allmendinger Professor of Land Economy

Mr David Howarth Reader in Land Economy



Prof. Neil Andrews  Professor of Civil Justice and Private Law

Dr Kirsty Hughes University Lecturer in Public Law

Alysia Blackham Turpin-Lipstein Fellow and College Lecturer in Law



Dr Kirsty McDougall  British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow


Management Studies

Professor Jaideep Prabhu Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise



Dr Maciej Dunajski  Senior College Teaching Officer and Newton Trust Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr David Essex College Lecturer in Mathematics

Prof. Andrew Thomason  Professor of Combinatorial Mathematics

Prof. Gordon Ogilvie Professor of Mathematical Astrophysics



Dr Simon Buczacki

Prof. Paul Fletcher Bernard Wolfe Professor of Health Neuroscience (Pre-clinical)

Dr Robert Semple Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist Fellow (Clinical)

Dr Philip Jones MRC Group Leader (Pre-clinical)


Modern Languages

Dr Helena Sanson Reader in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

Dr Rodrigo Cacho Reader in Spanish Golden Age and Colonial Studies

Prof. Alison Sinclair Professor of Spanish

Prof. Simon Franklin Professor of Slavonic Studies

Dr Helen Lima de Sousa Santander Post-Doctoral Senior Studentship in Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies

Dr Timothy Chesters University Lecturer in French

Dr Alyson Tapp University Lecturer in Russian Literature



Prof. Marina Frolova-Walker  Professor of Music History

Mr Graham Ross Director of Music


Natural Sciences

Overall Director of Studies for Physical Natural Sciences

Dr Andrew Ferguson Senior Research Fellow

Overall Directors of Studies for Biological Natural Sciences
Dr Anna Philpott
 Reader in Oncology (Part IB, and Biochemistry, CDB, Pathology)

Dr Andrew Carter MRC-LMB Group Leader (Part IA)


Directors of Studies in the individual subjects

Dr Richard Dyball  Emeritus Reader in Biological Science (Anatomy)

Prof. Cathie Clarke Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics (Astrophysics)

Prof. Jonathan Goodman  Professor of Chemistry

Dr Nigel Woodcock  Reader in Earth Sciences

Dr Patricia Fara Senior Tutor and Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science (Part IB)

Dr Paul Bristowe  Reader in Materials Science

Dr Colin Russell  Royal Society University Research Fellow in Epidemiology (Maths for Biologists)

Prof. Gordon Ogilvie Professor of Mathematical Astrophysics (Maths for Natural Sciences)

Prof. William Harris  Professor of Anatomy (Neuroscience)

Dr Paul Edwards  Reader in Cancer Biology (Pathology)

Dr Hendrik van Veen  Reader in Molecular Pharmacology

Dr John Gibson Reader in Pathophysiology

Prof. Neil Greenham  Professor of Physics

Prof. Howard Griffiths  Professor of Plant Ecology

Prof. Nicola Clayton  Professor of Comparative Cognition Psychology (Experimental Psychology)

Dr William Foster  Senior Lecturer in Zoology
Dr Paloma Gonzales-Bellido Lecturer in Neuroscience
Dr Heike Laman  Senior Lecturer in Pathology (Genetics Part II)

Other Natural Science Teaching Fellows

Prof. Michiel Sprik Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Tim Lewens History and Philosophy of Science

Prof. Richard Phillips Physics

Prof. Lorraine Tyler  Experimental Psychology
Prof. Andrew Balmford
 Conservation Science

Prof. David Hodell Earth Sciences

Dr Lucy Colwell Chemistry

Dr Edgar Turner Zoology

Dr Charles Melnyk Plant Sciences

Dr Martin Smith Earth Sciences

Dr Clemens Matthiesen Physics



Prof. Tim Lewens  Professor of Philosophy of Science

Dr Douglas Hedley  Reader in Hermeneutics and Metaphysics


Political, Psychology and Sociology (see HSPS)


Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS)
Dr Tristan Bekinschtein

Prof. Nicola Clayton Professor of Comparative Cognition Psychology

Prof. Lorraine Tyler MRC Research Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience



*Dr Stephen Hampton (Parts I, IIA and IIB)

Dr Douglas Hedley Reader in Hermeneutics and Metaphysics

Veterinary Medicine

Dr Nicola Holdstock Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Science (Clinical)

Dr John Gibson Reader in Pathophysiology (Pre-clinical)