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Student Questionnaire March 2018


Every March, we ask Clare students to complete a questionnaire, and there are several reasons why I hope you will do so.  Most importantly, we want to know how you are feeling about Clare and your experiences here, so that we can try to improve anything that is not working well for you.  In addition, comments that you make may be of great help to other students and to your successors.

We should appreciate knowing your views about what is going well and also anything that is not.  If you think criticism is just, do not hesitate to give it: you can be confident that it will not be held against you.  If you think things are going well, we should like to know about that too. We want to change things that do not work - and things that do work, we shall keep and build on.

We take your comments and suggestions extremely seriously, although of course we cannot always adopt them.  The Questionnaire will be seen by the Senior Tutor, your Director of Studies and your Tutor.  There is also a section (question73) for you to write anything with complete confidentialityonly the Senior Tutor will see the contents of this box.

Furthermore, we need to know your opinions in order to meet the legal obligations of the College to provide full and clear information for external assessors.  In full consultation with the UCS and student representatives, the College Council agreed that the completion and return of these forms should be compulsory for all undergraduates (including fourth years) as well as the first year clinical medics and vets (although we would also appreciate returns from second year clinical medics and vets).

The questionnaire asks you to provide information about your work, the College departments and your supervisors.  It is split into two sections.

Section 1 deals with your work and is designed to encourage you to assess the academic progress you have made this year. It also nables you to give feedback on College facilities/departments.  Any information you put here will be seen by the relevant Department Head only. This section is NOT seen by your Director of Studies or your Tutor.  There is an additional box in Section B:  if you write something in here the Senior Tutor will treat it as as totally confidential, and try to do something about it.  if you write something in here the Senior Tutor will treat it as as totally confidential, and try to do something about it.

Section 2 (Supervisor/s) is designed to help the College monitor the quality of teaching you have been given.  The Director of Studies and Tutors CAN see this information, so if you have any comments you do NOT wish your Director of Studies or Tutor to see you should enter any comments in section 1.

How to gain access: Simply follow the Qualtric link

The questionnaire looks quite long but shouldnt take anymore than 10/15 minutes of your time.

Please remember that to qualify for the College Book Grant you MUST have fully completed and submitted the Student Feedback Questionnaire. 

If you have any queries please do contact Emma Lee in the Tutorial/Admissions Office.