Clare College Cambridge

Sources of Support & Advice


A graduate’s main academic contacts in Cambridge are likely to be outside the College, in Faculties or Departments, and with designated supervisors. The College aims to supply some of the pastoral support that graduates need during their course. The Graduate Tutor, the Graduate Administrator, the College Nurse and the Dean provide a range of different types of support and advice. Their roles and responsibilities are described below.

The Graduate Tutor

The Graduate Tutor is responsible for the graduate community across all areas of college life. This includes providing help and advice to individual graduate students on personal and non-academic matters, and assistance for graduates in matters of communication with Faculties, Departments and academic supervisors within Cambridge. The Graduate Tutor may also liaise on behalf of graduate students with a range of external bodies.

Within the college, the responsibilities of the Graduate Tutor are:

  • To maintain close contact with the MCR Committee, who are the representatives of the graduate community
  • To oversee the induction of new graduate students into the College at the start of the year, including updating the Graduate Handbook
  • To be accessible to graduate students during the year at notified times
  • To provide confidential advice and support to graduate students in difficulty, and to take rapid and appropriate action when urgent problems arise, whether these be of a personal, financial or academic nature
  • To liaise where necessary with other College Officers responsible for graduate care (Senior Tutor, Dean, College Nurse, Bursar, Financial Tutor)
  • To act if required as a point of advice and liaison in matters of graduate housing . To liaise, if required, with the Catering Department on behalf of the graduate community . To provide confidential advice and support to graduate students in financial difficulty
  • To act if required on behalf of graduate students in disciplinary matters
  • To write references for graduate students where appropriate
  • To assist in liaison between the UCS and MCR, to promote the integration of graduate students into college social life as appropriate

Within the university, the responsibilities of the Graduate Tutor are:

  • To assist graduates in communication with Faculties and Departments
  • To help graduates get the best out of their relationships with supervisors
  • To put graduates in contact with specialist medical or other advice (eg, GP, University Counselling Service)
  • To advise and assist graduate students in applications for university hardship funds
  • To act on behalf of graduate students in communication with other university bodies
  • To maintain effective links with other Graduate Tutors through the Graduate Tutors Committee

The Graduate Tutor also assists graduate students as necessary in communication with bodies outside the university, such as national funding bodies.

To contact the Graduate Tutor: To make an appointment to see the Graduate Tutor, Dr Maciej Dunajski or Dr Sian Lazar to ask their advice, you can email Dr Dunajski or Dr Lazar or email the Graduate Administrator, Mrs Jenny Colling.

Graduate Administrator

Mrs Jenny Colling, is based in the Tutorial Office.  Jenny is also the person to contact if you have any queries about degree ceremonies or any adminstrative help with Council tax, Bank or Status letters.  Jenny's hours are Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 5pm.

The Dean

Rev Dr Mark Smith, besides being the Dean, is also an approachable source of sympathetic advice for all members of the College, whatever their faith or convictions.  You can talk to him independently and confidentially.

The College Nurse, Mrs Helen James, has experience in helping with personal as well as medical aspects of student welfare. Along with the Graduate Tutor and the Dean, she is available to discuss personal, emotional or sexual problems. She can also provide information about the many other sources of welfare support outside the College.