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Senate House guest tickets


Wednesday 28 June


Guest Tickets for the Senate House

The Registry has laid down an initial limit of 3 tickets per graduand.  However, the sessions are now split into two so there are usually more than enough tickets available if you require extra. 

Graduands have the option of taking their degrees either in person or in absentia.

Please note those students wishing to be candidates for the M.Eng or M.Sci degree in 2017/18 MUST not proceed to the BA degree in 2017.   If you intend to do Maths Part III or Management as a fourth year you should still complete this form, but it is important that you liaise with the Tutorial Office.)

To be completed by those students proceeding to their LLM / BA / M Eng / M Sci / Bachelor of Vet Med degree in 2017:


Full Name
I intend to take my degree
I will be accompanied by
My guests would prefer seats on the
If there are spare tickets, I should appreciate tickets for
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