Clare College Cambridge

College Officers


 Key Academic posts within College (at October 2015)




Senior Tutor

Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas

Overall responsbility for education and welfare


Mr Paul Warren

College finances, HR and Grounds

Financial Tutor

Dr Fred Parker

Individual and collective student finances



Mr Paul Warren

Buildings and Maintenance, Catering, Conference and Events, Housekeeping, IT, Portering and Sportsground


Rev'd Dr James Hawkey

The Chapel, but also a broad pastoral role

Dean of Students

Dr Tamara Follini

Student discipline

Academic Dean

Prof. Jonathan Goodman




Dr Rachael Harris
Dr Tim Chesters
Dr Elizabeth Foyster

Dr Edgar Turner

Dr Charles Weiss
Dr Rodrigo Cacho

Mr Aylmer Johnson

Ms Jocelyn Wyburd 




Graduate Tutor

Dr Maciej Dunajski
Dr Sian Lazar


Graduate Admissions Tutor

Professor Anna Philpott


Admissions Tutors

Professor Howard Griffiths (Science)

Dr Kirsty McDougall (Arts)


Gender Equality Officer

Dr Elizabeth Foyster


Tutor for Access and Outreach

Dr William Foster


Rooms Tutor

Dr Philip Faulkner




The Bursar
Senior Tutor



Inspectors of Plate

Dr Peter Knewstubb
Mr Paul Warren (Senior Auditor)

Professor Richard Phillips



Fellows' Steward

Mr Aylmer Johnson


Fellows' Librarian

Dr John Guy


Wine Steward

Professor Bill Byrne



 Dr Charlie Weiss 


Honorary Archivist


Professor Michael Lapidge


Curator of College Pictures

Dr John Guy


College Lecturers



Mr Simon Buczacki

Dr Jason Carroll

Dr Andrew Carter

Dr Maciej Dunajski
Dr Patricia Fara

Dr Philip Faulkner

Dr Andrew Ferguson
Dr Tamara Follini

Dr Josip Glaurdic

Dr Philip Jones

Mr Graham Ross

Dr Colin Russell

Dr Robert Semple

Dr Anne Stillman

Dr Elizabeth Foyster

Dr Kirsty Hughes
Dr Jackie Tasioulas
Dr Charlie Weiss





Auditor of College Accounts, Tutors' Accounts and Kitchen Accounts

 Mr Ormiston, FCA




President of the Fellowship

Professor John Robertson



Secretary of the Clare Association Dr David Hartley  
Trustees of the Clare Boat Club Fund

Dr Nigel Woodcock
Dr Philip Jones