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Research Associate for 2018-19

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Mr Mark Agius



Experimental Psychology Part IB special option for medics; Part II Cognitive Neuropsychiatry; Part IB Neurobiology

Dr Michelle Arora


Dr Nikos Bamiedakis



Part IA, P3, P4; Part IB P5, P6, P7; Part IIA: 3F1, 3F4, 3B6.  Also, Maths for NST.

Dr Agnes Bolinska


 Dr Jack Brelstaff

 Clinical Neuroscience

IA Physiology of Organisms
IB Neurobiology

 Dr Alberto Coca


NST: Part IA Elementary Maths for Biologists, Part IA Mathematical Biology, Part IA and IB Mathematics

Engineering: Part IA, 1P4: Mathematics, Part IB, 2P6: Fourier Transforms & Signal and Data Analysis, Part IB, 2P7: Vector Calculus, Part IB, 2P7: Linear Algebra, Part IB, 2P7: Probability

Mathematics: Part IA: Vectors and Matrices, Part IA: Analysis I, Part IA: Probability, Part IA: Metric and Topological Spaces, Part IB Analysis II, Part IB Statistics, Part IB Markov Chains, Part IB Linear Algebra, Part II Linear Analysis, Part II Analysis of Functions, Part II Statistical Modelling, Part II Probability and Measure, Part II Applied Probability, Part II Principles of Statistics, Part II Stochastic Financial Models

 Dr Daniel Marcos Corchado


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Part 1A Biology of Cells
Part 1B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Part 1B Neurobiology
Part II Biochemistry

 Dr Kris Ermanis


IA chemistry and any other courses in general and organic chemistry.

Dr Jonas Geldman

 Conservation Science and Ecology

 Dr Niamh Gibbons


IB2 Structures

IA2 Structures & Materials

 Dr Qi Guo

Medical Sciences

Engineering Part IA and IB

Maths for NatSci Part IA

Computer Science Part IA

Medicine Part I

Dr Sheila Kohring


Part I - Archaeology, papers 1 and 4A

Part II - core modules in Archaeology, Later European Prehistory and Archaeology in Practice

Dept of Archaeology

Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3DZ

 Dr Robert Krakow

Materials Science & Metallurgy

1A Engineering - Paper 3, Materials
1B Engineering - Paper 3, Materials
1A NatSci - Materials
1B NatSci - Materials

 Dr Rowan Leary


Dr James Lester


Dr Chrysoula Litina


1A Engineering - Paper 2, Structures
1B Engineering - Paper 2, Structures

Dr Susanna Mierau

 Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Dr Wiktor Piotrowski

 Computer Science

 Dr Andre Serrenho


Engineering: Part IA Thermofluid Mechanics, Part IB Thermofluid Mechanics, Part IA Mathematics, Part IB Linear Algebra, Part IB Probability

Dr Josie von Zitzewitz

Slavonic Studies

Russian Literature

 Dr Michael Zandi


MVST IB Neurobiology

NST IB Neurobiology

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