Clare College Cambridge

Request for Special Equipment for Medical Reasons


The College recognises that a student may require special equipment in their room for medical reasons (e.g. a private fridge or an orthopaedic bed). All such equipment requires formal permission from the College in order to conform to Health and Safety specifications.

Such requests must be submitted to the College Nurse in the first instance. The College Nurse will discuss the medical case in confidence with the student. If approved, the request for equipment (but not the medical evidence) will then be forwarded to the Housekeeping Department. The Housekeeping Department will assess the practical implications of the request and discuss with the student the exact specifications of what may be installed. The guidance of the Housekeeping Department must be adhered to when purchasing equipment, and no equipment should be ordered without prior agreement and formal permission.

Whether or not the cost is covered by the student, the College, or the Disability Resource Centre depends on the nature of the case and the type of equipment. Cases for College contribution should be made by the College Nurse to the Financial Tutor where necessary.

You should fill in the details below and forward this form to the College Nurse, Helen James.

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