Clare College Cambridge


Current rents for room or flat per month as at October 1, 2012

Chesterton Road Area
31 rooms at £326 to £369 per month

St Regis Flats
20 partnered flats at £505 to £697* per month

St Regis Bedsits
15 rooms at £365 per month
1 room at £463 per month

St Regis House Bedsits
27 bedsits at £359 per month

Newnham Road
Single rooms from £369 per month

Queen Edith's House
3 flats, shared by three singles, each single £341 to £359 per month

Netherfield House
4 flats, shared by two singles, each single £359 per month


* Rent for partnered accommodation may vary, dependent on level of spouse/partner's income.