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Printing - Common Balance

Clare's DS-Print (Desktop Services) printers are part of the Common Balance scheme run by the University. The scheme is based upon pre-payment for printing charges. You can use your printing credit to pay for printing not just in Clare, but also in University Departments that have adopted the common balance scheme.

Before you can print, you must prepay a minimum of £4 in cash or £5 by Credit or Debit card into your printing account. All ways to pay are explained here.

Please be aware of the following Common Balance caveats:

  • No credit = No printing
  • Plan ahead - the eCredit facility takes up to 10 minutes to process and update your printing balance once you have sent your request - watch for the confirmation email
  • There is no facility to give refunds should you have unspent credit at the end of your stay

More information about online payments can be found here:

Printing - Charges

Clare charges are 4p per A4 side for mono and 14p per A4 side for colour. You may find that other Colleges and Departments charge differently. All of Clare's PWF printers default to double sided (duplex) printing to save paper.  List of Clare's printers with respective charges.

Printing - Changing to Colour and Altering Duplex Settings - Decoding the Printer Names

Double sided and black printing are selected by default. If the printer is capable of printing colour, you need to choose the colour printer from the printer list. See below for an example of the typical printer naming convention:





= Clare Forbes Mellon Library Upstairs Laser Printer

= Clare Forbes Mellon Library Upstairs Colour Laser Printer

To change the duplex setting back to single-sided, you must change the properties of the printer on your computer. This is done by selecting File/Print and changing the properties manually.

iPrint - Printing from your Room

As well as printing from the PWF rooms, all College printers can be accessed via the DS-Print facility - there is support for Windows and Mac Operating Systems at the moment.

DS-Print for Linux - This has not been implemented, however those wanting to use this service should register their interest with Computing Services, email:

Click for details specific to your Operating System: