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If you're having a hard time, this is where a Peer2Peer supporter can help. We're a bunch of students at Clare, to whom you can come and chat about anything, big or small. Although we’re not professionals, we've received training to help us to listen to you and help you explore your options (of course, many people who approach us just want to let off steam – and that's fine too!). We will exercise confidentiality, we won't judge you, and we won't try to impose our views on you. These are the founding values of Peer2Peer, and we've had them hammered into us in our training. And if you're wanting to seek professional advice, we should be able to help you find it, as we're pretty clued up on the support networks available in Cambridge. So if you just want another student to chat to, drop one of us an email:



Sam Chapman (sc993)

Alex Constantinou (aac62)

Charlie Gaynor (cg680)

Hannah Grain (hg405)

Francesca Pagano (fp336)

Jessica Pine (jp373) - currently on year abroad

Shentong Wang (sw693)



Vikram Thakur (vst22)


Current information at Feb 2019