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From Henley to Tideway: The Boat Races 2015


Two talented Clare students have been selected to compete in the 2015 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races, taking place at Henley (lightweights) and Tideway over the coming weeks.

Undergraduate and winner of the 2013 British Championships University Pennant, Claire Watkins (Vet Med, 2010 - pictured), will row in the Women’s Blue Boat for the third consecutive year. The 2015 Newton Women’s Boat Race marks the beginning of a new chapter in the competition’s 88 year history, as it will be raced along the 6.8KM Championship Course at Tideway on the same day as the men’s race for the first time. The Boat Races will take place on Saturday 11 April from 12pm onwards.

Graduate student Tim Rademacher (PhD Physical Geography) has been selected to row at bow in the men’s lightweight boat at Henley on Sunday 5 April, with events starting from 1:30pm with the College races, followed by University races from 2:30pm.

On behalf of the whole College, we wish Claire and Tim the very best of luck!






Clare student in BBC Big Painting Challenge Finals


Claire Parker (2012), an undergraduate in her final year at Clare, is one of ten amateur artists selected from a pool of over 6,000 applicants to compete in the BBC’s 2015 Big Painting Challenge Finals.

At just 20 years old, Claire is the youngest finalist in the competition. She is studying MML (French and Italian) at Cambridge, but says she has always loved painting and drawing and has “piles of sketchbooks full of doodles and quick sketches from life”. Although Claire has not always been sure of her own abilities as an artist – she used to hide her artwork from everyone, including her parents, which threatened to affect her art exams as she even struggled to reveal her work to her teachers – she has recently gained more confidence. In 2014 she exhibited a portrait of A.C. Grayling in the Dilletante art show at Clare - described by Dr Patricia Fara (Senior Tutor) as ‘stunning’ - and went on to apply for the BBC’s nation-wide competition.

Claire enjoys drawing from life and is particularly inspired by the work of Cezanne and Rembrandt. She has a passion for portraiture, which she considers to be the most challenging form of art:

“I feel most proud when I feel I’ve painted a portrait that captures more than a likeness. It’s a massive challenge, but good portraits say a lot about the subject, as well as the relationship between the subject and the painter.”

For a more in-depth interview with Claire, please click here. The BBC Big Painting Challenge is a 6-part series, airing on Sunday evenings at 6pm on BBC1. The first two episodes in the series are available to watch online now, via BBC iPlayer.





Outstanding results for Clare's Catering team


Once again, Clare's talented chefs and catering team have achieved stellar results in the biannual University of Cambridge Culinary Competition - winning multiple awards and gold medals, including 'Best in Show' and the prestigious Stewards' Cup (awarded jointly to Clare and Emmanuel).

The competition, which dates back to 1961, is open to all 31 Colleges and Cambridge Regional College. Chefs and front of house staff compete for recognition as the top catering professionals in Cambridge during the two-day event, which features a range of contests, cookery demonstrations and trade stands.

Clare and Emmanuel Colleges each achieved four gold awards, thus becoming the first ever joint winners of the overall competition and the coveted Stewards' Cup. Clare's gold medals were in the categories of Veggie Platter, Duck Breast Main Course, Chef of the Year (Byron Franklin) and La Parades de Chefs - a two-part contest over both days, involving four teams, each serving a three-course menu to twelve discerning diners.

Many congratulations to our wonderful catering team, on behalf of everyone at Clare! For more details and photos please visit the Clare Conferencing website.




Weekly webcasts from Clare Chapel now online


Clare College is delighted to announce that Choral services from the Chapel are now available to listen to online as a weekly webcast.  This new initiative allows listeners to hear the Choir from anywhere around the world, free of charge, with a new Choral Service released each week throughout the academic terms.  The webcasts will capture exactly what you hear and experience live at a service in the Chapel, with all spoken and sung parts of the service available to listen to online as many times as you wish. 


The webcasts are available now on the Choir website at:





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