Clare College Cambridge

Natural Sciences

Jon Hannah

Grammar School


Physical Natural Sciences Student reading Chemistry

My first taste of Cambridge was an open day for the Mathematical Tripos held by Trinity College. This confirmed two important things for me:

  • I didn't want to study Mathematics
  • I didn't want to go to Trinity

However, I also decided that I did want to come to Cambridge, but to study Natural Sciences instead. This was based largely on the freedom to study a range of subjects in the first couple of years, as well as the ambience of the city when compared to 'the other place'. Armed with this limited knowledge, I asked the UCAS coordinator at our school; "which is your favourite college?" I trusted her judgement, and the rest, as they say, is history...

Whichever college you choose at Cambridge though, you will have a fantastic time (you will also believe that yours is the best after no time at all...). Clare benefits from all of the same academic advantages as other colleges in terms of the excellent supervision system, lectures given by world experts in their respective fields and excellent practical facilities, but academics aside, some of the things that stand out for me about Clare are:

The people: everyone is friendly, everyone has amazing experiences to share and, in case you were worried, everyone is pretty normal!

The location: Clare is situated on the river, with reputedly the most beautiful gardens in the whole of Cambridge. Whether this is strictly true or not, they are nevertheless amazing, and the rest of College isn’t too bad either.

Accommodation: a large number of en-suite sets are available as first-year rooms. Check out the envious looks from friends at other colleges when they come to visit...

The buzz: there is always something exciting happening. Encompassing music, drama, sport, parties and more, there is plenty to distract you from your studies. Clare has an especially good reputation for music, both classically, with a world-famous choir, and not so classically, with Clare Ents – respected uni-wide as one of the best student nights out.

The May Ball: I’m slightly biased because I was involved in the running of this year’s Ball, but Clare really does have one of the best. On the pretext of celebrating the end of exams, everyone spends a whole night partying away in the College grounds, with a huge array of food, drink and entertainments. This year, Feeder came to play. Next year, who knows?

I hope that whets your appetite, and good luck with your application!