Clare College Cambridge

Bills and Charges

The College Officer responsible for overseeing student finance is the Financial Tutor, Dr Fred Parker

Bills and Charges

College Bills are issued at the beginning of each Term (and at the end of June) by the Bursary. Each Bill includes the rent for your room and a list of the other residential charges for that Term. All students have to pay their Tuition Fee - or that portion of it for which they are liable - via the College, in termly instalments due at the beginning of Term. The Bills at the start of the Lent and Easter Terms include the additional charges - such as the bill for food consumed in the Buttery and Hall for the previous Term. The final Bill, with these additional charges for the Easter Term, will be emailed to your home address early in the Summer vacation, except final-year students they will be required to make a pre-payment for the estimated amount, since you cannot graduate if you still owe money to the College or to the University. The deadlines for payment are printed on each Bill.

For 2016-17, the termly heated accommodation rents for first-year students in the Memorial Court complex will be in the range £870-£1413 per term (with most being in the £1200 range).

For 2016-17 the other residential charges total £169 each Term. They include the kitchen fixed charge of £136 (the agreed contribution towards kitchen overheads), and the computer connection charge of £33.

Any queries about your College Bill should be taken to the Bursary (G1) in the first instance. If you would like to speak to someone privately about any problems you may have paying your bill, please e-mail Linda Challinor in the Bursary to arrange an appointment. If issues relating to your Bill cannot be resolved in this way, you should go and see the Financial Tutor. Questions relating to student finance may also be raised with the UCS Treasurer. Try to sort things out quickly: please note that fines are incurred for late payment.