Clare College Cambridge


No student should be put off applying to Clare for financial reasons.

Details of the Government’s scheme of loans and maintenance grants can be found at the university finance page.

In addition to the government-funded scheme, the College, in conjunction with the University and the Isaac Newton Trust, offers a generous bursary package. Full details, including a bursary calculator, can be found at ‘Cambridge Bursaries’.

The College also offers travel grants, research grants, and book grants to all undergraduates, irrespective of their financial circumstances. There is, in addition, a fund to assist those who play sport while at Clare.

The combined package of student loans and means-tested bursaries means that study at Cambridge is possible for all students. The College also has emergency hardship funds for those who find that their financial situation changes unexpectedly. The College’s Financial Tutor is on hand to discuss financial worries, and to help make applications to College and University funds where appropriate.

The College aims to keep the cost of food and accommodation as low as possible, and students generally find that these compare very favourably with market rates.

Financial support for interview travel costs

To enable applicants to come to interview in Cambridge, the Colleges are pleased to provide support for travel costs to students who are in local authority care and/or are currently in receipt of free school meals and who attend a UK maintained sector school/college. Public transport travel costs between £20 and £80 will be reimbursed, and the Colleges will contact eligible applicants directly with further information when they're invited to interview.