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Modern and Medieval Languages

We may ask you to come for an interview in December (between 3 – 12 December), so please keep this period free of engagements.  There are usually two interviews of 20-30 minutes each.  A short oral test (which will include reading a passage in each of your chosen foreign languages, although the expectations for ab initio languages will be different), and a written test will also form part of your interviews here. Each college sets its own test based on a format agreed by all colleges.  At Clare you will be given a short non-literary passage in English, and will have to answer brief questions, one of which will involve use of one of the two languages you are hoping to study at Cambridge (no past papers are available). 

Dictionaries are not allowed either for the written test or in preparation of the passage to be read and discussed at the interviews.

Languages studied at A2-level, AS-level or equivalent:
Other languages studied at GCSE:
Language courses taken outside school:
Which do you consider to be your best language(s)?
The two languages you intend to study for Part IA of the Modern Languages Tripos:
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