Clare College Cambridge



Number of students per year: 10-12


Typical offer: A*A*A or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB or the equivalent in other educational systems and a 1 & 1 in STEP ll & lll. For Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers - Offers usually require AAA at Advanced Higher Grade; bands may be specified.


Essential subjects: A-level or similar systems in Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Written assessment: Currently, there is no pre-interview assessment for mathematics applicants.


The Cambridge Mathematics course has always enjoyed a very high reputation, and a Cambridge Mathematics degree is highly regarded world-wide. It provides a good qualification for entry into a very wide range of careers, and also for post-graduate academic work in a variety of technical subjects. All undergraduates, regardless of college, receive the same lectures and sit the same exams, which are given by the University's Faculty of Mathematics. The best way to find out detailed and up-to-date information about the course is to look at the Faculty's undergraduate page .



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Fellows in Mathematics at Clare

Maciej Dunajski Gordon Ogilvie Nigel Weiss
Julia Wolf Andrew Thomason  


Reading Lists

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