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Graduate Students are members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR). The MCR is both a place and an organisation. The place - the room itself - is on the ground floor of E staircase. Since most Graduate Students live out of College, the MCR provides an important central social focus, with a comfortable sitting area, a small kitchen, computer facilities, and a bar. Its use is restricted to Clare Graduate Students and their guests.

As an organisation, the MCR is in many respects analogous to the Union of Clare Students (UCS) (see below). Its members elect a President and Officers in May each year, whose job is to run the Common Room, to co-ordinate social, sporting and cultural events, negotiate and liaise with the Graduate Tutor and other College Officers where appropriate, and generally to protect and further the interests of Graduate Students in the College. MCR representatives are among the student members of College Committees, including the Finance Committee, the Council, and the Governing Body.

MCR Committee Roles

Gives speeches and attends the College Council and the Governing Body.

Attends Governing Body and Liaison Committee Meetings.

Writes the agendas and takes Minutes of MCR committee meetings, acts as returning officer for elections, maintain notice boards and newspapers. Manages MCR mailing lists and will attend College Health and Safety Meetings.

Maintains MCR finances and attends Finance Committee meetings (as well as Licencing and Appeals subcommittee).

Social Secretaries
Co-ordinates social events for the MCR including exchange halls, wine/whisky tastings, special bar nights, and theme parties. Responsible for ensuring that there is adequate coffee and tea in the MCR. Attends the Catering Committee meeting and co-ordinates May Ball issues. Will attend the University-wide social secretaries' meetings.

Bar Manager

GRF Organiser
Organises the Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Union Representative
Attends GU meetings on behalf of the MCR and keep tabs on University-wide issues, including CUSU Council motions and University governance.

Women and Welfare Officer
Will attend University-wide Women's Meetings and the College Equal Opportunities Committee.

Accommodation Officer
Attend Accommodation and BAG Committees.

Punt Officer
Maintains and cleans the two Clare MCR punts, Silence of the Cam and the Spirit of Geelong, as well as being responsible for their booking procedures.

Other MCR Officer Roles
LBGT Officer
UCS Liaison Officer
Library Officer
External Officer


Graduate Statistics 2010-11

Graduate Population Overall
(including clinical medics and vets)

Total Students: 298: 159 Male and 139 Female

Total Number of First Year Graduates: 83
(including those admitted in January and April 2010)
PhD: 38
MPhil: 40
Other (including part-time courses): 4
Male Students: 44
Female Students: 38

PhD Statistics
Male Students: 23: 17 Sciences and 6 Arts
Female Students: 15: 11 Sciences and 4 Arts

MPhil Statistics
Male Students: 21: 6 Sciences and 15 Arts
Female Students: 19: 5 Sciences and 14 Arts

Other Statistics
LL.M: 2
MAST (formerly CASM) : 1
M.Ed: 1