Clare College Cambridge


Lottie Mallin Martin


I came to Clare from a school in rural Scotland, and was admittedly extremely nervous to start my studies in Cambridge. However, it really is the most beautiful city to study in, and I was instantly drawn to Clare when I visited Cambridge before I applied to the Uni. Clare is a medium-sized college, and the students are so friendly. It’s really close to the Law Faculty, the University Library, and all of the shops in the centre of town that you will need. The College also has two really well stocked reading rooms for Law Students, and many Clare lawyers will work in here. This gives you a great opportunity to chat to older students, who have already been through the supervision you are preparing for. We all help one another, especially since we have all been in a position where we are a little lost and confused by a case or an article!

The teaching at Clare is brilliant. Some of the fellows at the college will be your supervisors for your papers throughout all three years of the degree, so you get to know them very well. They are extremely supportive, and have always instilled me with confidence, even when I was struggling to find it in myself! Reading Law will be a completely new experience for you when you begin in your first year; it is unlike anything you will study at secondary school. Understanding how to read cases, legislation and articles, and learning how to formulate ideas in an essay or problem question, is not easy, and the support offered through feedback on written work, discussions in supervisions and termly meetings will help you reach your potential. Some of your supervisions will be outside of college, but your Director of Studies (a Clare fellow who oversees your academic progress) will ensure that you get a brilliant supervisor. Cambridge really does offer world-class education.

There are six other students in my year at Clare studying Law. We are a very tight-knit group, and I honestly don’t know how I would manage without them! You work together a lot, and this helps you develop your own ideas through discussions both during supervisions (for which you will be split in to groups of around 3 or 4) and when you are all tackling weekly reading lists and written work. We also try to fit in a dinner out in town together at the end of the term (on top of the termly dinners in College – which are oh so tasty, and such an amazing experience!), so we do a lot as a group.

The workload is intense, but definitely manageable, and is extremely rewarding. You can still have a life outside of your studies, despite what you might hear. I absolutely love cycling, and still have time to ride my bike and socialize with friends. Whatever you are interested in, you can find time to enjoy all aspects of College life. Applying to Clare to study Law was, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have made