Clare College Cambridge


Liam Evans

Comprehensive School, North-East England

Liam EvansIf you’re interested in studying law at Cambridge I would definitely recommend applying to Clare. The college takes about seven law students a year, and from personal experience this is a good number. We have two law reading rooms, and in first year you’ll be very close to lectures, which is handy when you have a 9am start. The law fellows here are very helpful, and they always manage to arrange top quality out of college supervisors (not all subjects are supervised in Clare). The course is hard work, but if you’re willing to put in the time it is manageable, and you can still have a life outside of your degree.

Coming from a comprehensive school in the north-east of England I did worry that I would be a bit rubbish compared to everyone else. As it turns out coming from a comprehensive school made very little difference, and my advice is don’t be put off from applying solely on the basis of your academic background.

The thing that makes Cambridge stand out is the supervision system. This is similar to a seminar, but in smaller groups of two or three. Supervisions give you the chance to go further into the law than provided in lectures. They are really useful because as they help you to evaluate your understanding of a given subject.

Putting law to one side, Clare is a great college. Everyone is friendly, which is important when you first start and are feeling nervous about being away from home. In first term, and especially Fresher’s Week, you’ll have a lot of time to socialize and the UCS (Union of Clare Students) will arrange loads of social events for you to get involved in. You’ll get to know people pretty quickly and by the end of first term Cambridge will probably start to feel like a second home.

There will also be an opportunity to join a huge host of societies, both at college and university level. No matter what you are interested in, it is guaranteed you will find a society you enjoy. I joined the university running club and college hockey team, and the great thing is that you can find a society to match your skill level. Achieving the right work-life balance is really important, and it definitely takes time to get the balance right, but societies offer a well-deserved break from your degree.

Clare definitely deserves its reputation as the friendly college in Cambridge. The quality of teaching at Clare is amongst the best in the university, and the atmosphere one of the friendliest. The college is great and you should definitely consider applying.