Clare College Cambridge

How to Apply

The Application Procedure for entry in October 2019, or deferred entry in 2020


The Application Process

All applicants to Cambridge must submit their UCAS forms by 15th October. Earlier deadlines apply for some applicants from overseas and applicants for Organ Scholarships.

This year most subjects will require applicants to take a written admission assessment. For many subjects, this will be a pre-interview assessment, and the deadline for registration 15th October 2018, except for the Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) which has a deadline of 1st October 2018. Subjects which use an at-interview written assessment do not have a registration process.

Shortly after submitting your UCAS application, you will be asked by e-mail to complete an online Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ). Candidates without suitable recent UK school qualifications may need to submit a transcript. The details of our transcript requirements are on the website.

All students at the University of Cambridge are members of colleges. Most people choose a college when they apply, but you can also make an 'open application' and a college will be chosen for you. This makes no difference to your chance of an offer of a place.

Timetable for UK/EU applicants

For entry in October 2019, or deferred entry in 2020,  you must submit a UCAS form before the closing date of 15th October 2018. This early date for Cambridge applications is necessary due to both the intensive scrutiny each application receives, setting academic achievement within context, and the organisation entailed in holding interviews for more than 12,000 applicants in December, prior to offers being made in January

For application purposes the Clare College Campus Code is C, the Institution Name is CAM, and the Institution Code is CO5.

If an applicant has experienced significant educational disruption it may be appropriate for the school or college to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form, which should reach us by by 15th October 2018.

Choral or Organ applications

  • Applicants interested in Choral or Organ Scholarships should consult these pages.
  • If you wish to apply for an Organ Scholarship you will need to complete a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) as well as submitting a UCAS application. The deadline for entry in 2018 and deferred entry in 2019 for an Organ Scholarship application is 1st September 2018.  Late applications will not be considered.

For applicants living outside the EU

  • If you are living outside the EU, you should complete a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) as well as the UCAS application in the same way as a UK/EU applicant has to. This applies to all applicants who are living outside the EU and is regardless of fee status or nationality.


When we have received your application....

  • Clare College Admissions Office will write to you; in addition to interviews, we may ask candidates to take a short test and/or to send in examples of school or college work. We will write to candidates in good time before the interviews to ask them to send in their material - please do not send in anything before it is requested.
  • Clare College interviews will likely take place from Monday 3rd December through to Friday 14th December. (In some cases, we may feel that it is NOT appropriate to carry a candidate's application through to the interview stage). It is very important that candidates keep themselves available during the interview period. If you have other commitments during that time, you should inform the College at least one month in advance. We will try, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate them. We will notify candidate's about interviews by post and via email. We are extremely busy at this time, and generally request that candidates do not contact us, however in the exceptional circumstance that you have not heard from us by 27th November 2018, please do get in touch to make sure that no letters or emails have gone astray.
  • In January 2019, we will write to candidates who have been interviewed to tell them whether or not we have been able to make them an offer.
  • When candidates have given us permission to do so, we will send to schools/colleges a brief report of their performance at interview, for those candidates who were not made offers.
  • Strong candidates to whom we are unable to make an offer will have their applications placed in the Inter-collegiate Pool and may receive an offer from another college. Some candidates will be asked to attend another interview in early January. By the end of January, everyone should know whether or not they have been offered a place.
  • Any candidate whose offer of a place is conditional upon STEP grades (Mathematics only) must be entered by their examination centre (school) by the official deadline, which is given in the Undergraduate Prospectus.
  • Finally, in mid-August 2019, when most A Level and other final school examination results have been published, we will write to all candidates who have met their conditional offers to confirm their places.