Clare College Cambridge

How to Apply

Clare is perhaps one of the most beautiful colleges in Cambridge and has a very distinguished intellectual tradition.

Admission to a college depends on prior acceptance by a department or faculty. The application form is obtainable from the Student Registry and it is on this form that two college preferences can be expressed. On-line applications, using the CamSIS Self-Service, are available from the Board's website.  Frequently asked questions can be found here.

The College is committed to admitting male and female graduates from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It should be noted, however, that we only have very limited accommodation for single or partnered students with children.

The College does not interview prospective graduate students, but relies on previous academic records, references and on the general information provided on the application form. Whilst selection is solely on the grounds of academic merit, we will be able to support you more effectively if you disclose any disability or medical condition that affects your ability to study. We aim to plan support and provide reasonable adjustments as far in advance as possible for all disabled students.

The admissions procedure is fully explained in the Graduate Studies Prospectus which may be ordered online.