Clare College Cambridge

Graduation Day 2017

General Admission

  • Master of Law: LL.M.
  • Master of Engineering: M.Eng.
  • Master of Natural Science: M.Sci.
  • Master of Mathematics: M.Math.
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine: Vet.M.B.
  • Bachelor of Music: Mus.B.
  • Bachelor of Arts: BA
  • Bachelor of Education: B.Ed.
  • Bachelor of Theology for the Ministry: B.Th.

Who can Graduate?

Any member of Clare College who has successfully passed the appropriate examination and residence requirements.  This will include settling your College bill and returning all College, Faculty and University Library books, and not forgetting paying all overdue fines!!

The Praelector, Dr Charles Weiss, will present you at the degree ceremony. He is required by the University to vouch not only for your learning but for your good character!