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Graduate Accommodation

Graduate Accommodation

The College aims to provide subsidised accommodation for its Research and other Graduate Students but does not guarantee this. Priority is given to those who are coming to Cambridge for the first time. 

The Rules

Room Allocation

Single graduate students will normally, so far as space permits, be offered a room in a College house. The College also has a small number of partnered flats. Graduate rooms and flats are located in Chesterton Road and Newnham Road.  We attempt to house all our M.Phil and PhD students for the official length of their course (either 11 months or 3 years).The maximum duration of stay for a PhD student who has already completed an M.Phil is limited to 3 years. However  due to proposed building work during the accademic years 2016/17- 2019/20 inclusive we will only be able to offer 9 month leases in some areas.We will endeavour to extend leases where possible but cannot guarantee this.

Postgraduates are normally expected to vacate College accommodation on submitting their theses,but it may be possible in  special cases for them to remain in residence until taking their viva. However this is never possible beyond mid September.

Licence/Lease Agreements

Graduate accommodation is managed by the Accommodation Manager and the Rooms Coordinator, who will issue you with a Licence/Lease agreement and Inventory.  The Licecence/Lease Agrrement must be signed and returned to the Rooms Coordinator  when collecting the keys to the property. The inventory should be signed and returned within 7 days of taking up residence.If, at any point, you wish to request a change of room, please make an appointment with the Rooms Coordinator.

Giving Notice

Should you wish to suspend your accommodation for a period of research leave, or terminate your agreement, you will need to write eight weeks in advance to the Rooms Coordinator. Anyone vacating without giving the required notice may have an extra charge added to their bill.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any College room.

Heated Accommodation Charge

The Accommodation charge is payable on or before the 10th of the month for that month. Payment should be made by standing order and if set up for the 1st of the month should be received in good time by the College. If payment is not made on the due date, a charge of £30 will be made unless you have notified the College Bursary before the 10th of the month that your payment will be late. If payment is not made by the 10th of the following month, a further charge of £60 will be made

Refundable Deposit

The deposit will be repaid into your bank account where possible within 4 working weeks of vacating your room, after ensuring the room has been left in a satisfactory condition and your College account is clear. Any outstanding debt will be referred to the Financial Tutor. The deposit cannot to be used to pay the last month of your rent.


You will receive one key (single) two keys (double) on arrival. Some rooms are accessed by University Card which will be included in your accommodation pack. If a key or card is mislaid a spare can be obtained from the Old Court porters lodge and can be kept for a maximum of 7 days. If a key or card is lost a charge will be made for obtaining a replacement. Tenants are not permitted to reproduce copies of original keys.


Guests are permitted to stay for not more than 3 nights in any consecutive 7 up to a maximum 10 nights in a calender month. The tenant must be in residence during that period. 


All rooms have curtains and are fully carpeted. Beds have mattresses and mattress protectors, one pillow (single) two (double). Single beds are provided in single rooms and double beds in partnered rooms. Duvets, bed linen and towels are not provided. The College furnishes rooms with a standard set of furniture at no extra charge.  We do not allow students to bring their own furniture into College rooms; nor must furniture be removed from any room. However, we do respond positively to requests for replacement of worn or broken pieces of furniture. Crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, saucepans etc are not provided.

Electrical Items

There are sockets for electrical equipment such as radios, CD players etc., which should normally be used with headphones unless you intend to play them at a low volume. Other electrical items such as rice cookers, electric fires are not allowed for safety reasons. Kettles, toasters etc must only be used in the kitchen area and not in College rooms.

The College reserves the right to remove any electrical equipment from a resident’s room if it deemed to be unsafe. This is often necessary when a resident tries to use electrical equipment from outside the UK which does not conform to UK safety standards, for example if it is not correctly wired, fused or earthed.

Fire Precaution

Fire protection equipment must not be tampered with and fire doors must not be propped open. Corridors and fire exit routes must be kept clear and not be obstructed with furniture or other items. Smoke alarms must not be covered and any vents must be left open for health and safety reasons.


The College will clean communal areas such as landings, halls, bathrooms and kitchens. Rooms and flats are not cleaned by the College, but cleaning equipment (such as vacuum cleaners, dustpan and brush) is provided. Cleaning products are not provided. Tenants are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of their room or flat, washing their dishes, making their beds and helping to keep communal kitchens and bathrooms clean.

Waste and Refuse Disposal

All the properties have wheelie-bins which are collected by the City Council.

Where residents are responsible for putting bins out for collection (108 Chesterton Road, Queen Edith’s House and Netherfield House) they will initially be provided with a calendar advising when the collection day is and what colour bin is to be collected. Bins must be returned to the property as soon as possible after the collection has been made. They will also be provided with a list of items that can be placed in each bin. Further information can be obtained from the website.


Telephone points are installed in all student rooms.

Television Licences

It is your responsibility to obtain a TV licence for any TV brought into College. Your home address licence will not cover you and there is no College-wide cover. TV licensing authorities make checks on a regular basis and students are personally liable for any fines imposed.


Car parking is available at Queen Edith’s House and Netherfield by applying to the Rooms Coordinator for a permit. Parking is available at St Regis until June 2018. A parking permit is still required. All other accommodation falls in "resident only" parking areas and the City Council do not issue permits to students. If you bring a car to Cambridge you will need to obtain a Motor Proctor Licence from the University.  Parking is very limited and there is no overnight parking for guests.

Maintenance and Fault Reporting

Maintenance and repairs to all College buildings and graduate housing is controlled by the Buildings Office team. All requests for maintenance repairs (for example broken windows, water leaks, electrical failures, heating problems etc) are made through a computerized reporting system. This can be accessed on-line via the College network

Council Tax

Students in full time education are usually exempt from Council Tax.  The College will notify the Council that you are living in student accommodation so a letter is not required. Non-student partners living with Graduate students are liable to pay Council Tax, with some exceptions but should contact the Council directly.