Clare College Cambridge

Important Information


This year General Admission will be held on Wednesday 28 June 2017.

Graduation (Lady Clare) Dinner

All graduands are warmly invited to the Graduation Dinner, which will be held, at College expense, on the evening of Tuesday 27 June.  Further details will be sent out nearer the time.

Graduation Chapel Service

A Graduation Service will be held in the Chapel at 11.15 am. As space in the Chapel is limited, entry is by ticket only.  There will be a limit of three tickets (graduand plus two guests), choir members do not need a ticket but can still only request two guest tickets. It is likely that Chapel tickets will be allocated extremely quickly, in this case the Service will be relayed into the Latimer Room.  You should notify the Tutorial Office immediately if any of your guests requires wheel-chair access to the Chapel.

Doors to the Chapel will open at 11.00 am.  The service will end by 12.15 pm, when there will be a reception for graduands and their guests in the marquees in Old Court, prior to the Admission Ceremony.


If you think you may have guests who are disabled and may need assistance, please let the Tutorial Office know as soon as possible.

Guest Tickets for the Senate House

The Registry has laid down an initial limit of 3 tickets per graduand.  Now the sessions are split there are usually more than enough tickets to have more if you require them.

Graduation Ceremony

Clare’s first slot in the Senate House will be at around 3.00 pm. It will be split into two sessions: half the graduands will go to the Senate House, followed by the remaining graduands, after a 20-minute break. 

Since there is no shelter outside the Senate House, please suggest to parents and friends that they bring umbrellas in the event of a poor weather forecast.

The Graduation Ceremony

I will need to know:

  • Whether any graduand, who is invariably known by a name other than his/her official forename, wishes to receive his/her degree in the name by which he/she is known.  Please note that this does not include abbreviations or nicknames.
  • Whether there is any graduand who, because of religious affiliation, wishes the Trinitarian declaration

By the authority committed to me I admit you to the degree of in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (said in Latin)

to be omitted from the form of words used to admit them to their degree.  Please note that this is a courtesy that is traditionally extended to practising members of other faiths rather than to those of no particular religious belief.

  • Whether there is any graduand who, for ethical or physical reasons, will not be able to kneel in the Senate House to receive their degree.

If any of the above points apply to you, then please inform the Tutorial Office, as she will have to apply for permission for all such exemptions.  Please bear in mind that General Admission is a very busy time for University administrative staff and that it is therefore important that special exemptions should only be requested for good reasons and in good time.


(a) In the Senate House

The University Photography & Illustration Service takes pictures of all graduands whilst the degree is being conferred.  The University does not allow any other photography in the Senate House.  The official Senate House programme will include an order form.

(b) Group Photograph (in Clare)

The group Graduation photograph will take place in the Fellows’ Garden promptly at 10.45 am (in gowns and hoods)Please assemble before 10.30am. NOTE THAT IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO WAIT FOR LATECOMERS.  Copies of this photograph will be on sale from the Latimer Room, E Staircase, from 3.30 pm on Graduation Day:

Mounted with natural frame or black frame                        £55

Mounted only                                                                     £40

Payment must be made in cash, cheque or credit/debit card on the day.

The photographers will also be offering family group photos during the morning.  Photos will be taken in the Scholars Garden, and we will collect names and arrange time slots convenient to you nearer the time.  Proofs will be posted to you, but with no obligation to buy.


Your arrangements for lunch will need some prior thought and communication with your family, as well as perhaps with friends and their families.  So do please think ahead.

A late buffet lunch will be provided in the marquees in Old Court, on your return from the Senate House.  The cost of the lunch will be £16.50 per head (wine will be available at an extra charge); lunch tickets will be on sale from the Catering Office up to 2.00 pm, Monday to Friday, 2 May .  The kitchens will be able to cater for up to 300, so tickets will be sold on a first-come/first-served basis. The Catering Office will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am – 5pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am – 2pm. Payment by cheque or cash only (cheques preferable), cheques to be made payable to Clare College.

We are aware that Graduation Day can prove very expensive.  If your family wishes to attend the lunch, but will struggle to meet the cost of the tickets, you should speak, in confidence, to the Financial Tutor.  The College will cover the cost of up to three free lunch tickets per family in such circumstances, and the booking with the Catering Manager will be done discreetly.  

Those of you preferring to bring your own picnics will be able to eat these in the Fellows Garden or Buttery, but not in the Old Court Marquees or Hall, where the tables will be for those having the college buffet lunch.

Your Own Room

Students graduating in person must vacate their rooms by 09.30 onThursday 29 June.  Where a special case can be established (for example, in the case of overseas students who cannot arrange travel for that day), permission may only be granted by Jackie Searle, the Accommodation Officer, for a student to stay beyond this date.

The last date for making such a special application will be Tuesday 2 May. 

Accommodation for your Graduation Guests

Rooms will be available on a first-come/first served basis (£70.00 for twin room; £50.00 for single per night) for parents and relations of graduands on the nights of Tuesday 27 and/or Wednesday 28 June – for those whose journey time would be greater than two-hours’ driving time (as well as any special cases). 

Please note that in the event of all the twin rooms being taken any further applications for a twin room will be allocated two single rooms (adjacent if at all possible) but will still be charged at £70.

Breakfast (included) will be available in the buttery on Wednesday 28 June from 8.00am - 9.00am


Outstanding Fees

Finally, please remember that you will not be allowed to graduate unless you have settled your College bill and returned all College, Faculty, and University Library books.

The college makes every effort to make Graduation a very special occasion.  I hope you all have a most enjoyable day.

Charlie Weiss