Clare College Cambridge

Facilities at Clare

Graduates at Clare are members of the Union of Clare Students and active participants in the sporting and social activities of the College. Through College or University Clubs and Societies, graduates are able to take part in almost every sport and in almost every cultural and intellectual activity. Meals can be taken in the College during terms and there is a wide range of options including a formal, served evening meal in Hall; an informal salad bar in Hall at lunch times; and an informal cafeteria in the Buttery for all meals. On Friday evenings in Term, a Graduate Formal Hall is provided at a modest price. We have our own Bar, Music Room, Guest Rooms, Undergraduate Library, and Chapel. Musical activities are particularly strong; we have our own Director of Music, Graham Ross, and we encourage both choral and instrumental interests.

Graduate students have their own common room (The Middle Common Room, or MCR) in the Old Court of the College where there are newspapers, periodicals and facilities for making coffee and snacks. An adjoining graduate computer room is equipped with three PCs and one Apple Macintosh, a laser printer, various word-processing and other software packages, and is linked via the College Ethernet network to the University Data Network and the Internet beyond.

The MCR is also a centre for social activities for graduates, the venue for parties and meetings, and the gathering point before formal dining in Hall each Friday evening. Outside of the MCR are notice boards reserved for graduate matters.

The social life of the MCR is run by an elected committee (President; Vice-President; Treasurer; Secretary and other officers) who organise MCR events and arrange the facilities available in the room itself.

From time to time they organise parties, talks, theatre trips, and sporting activities (many of which are subsidised), and they are available to help and advise graduate members. Additionally, during the first weeks of the academic year, Committee members organise a series of "Freshers" events to help new graduates acclimatise to life at Clare. They represent the graduates on such College bodies as the Council, the Governing Body and the Finance Committee.

Friday dinnerĀ is the focus of graduate life at Clare. Each Friday in term the Hall is reserved for graduate students and they are encouraged to dine with their guests. On two Fridays during term (the second and fifth) graduates and their guests also dine with the Fellows of the College. On other Fridays in term, graduates gather in the MCR for drinks before hall. Occasionally, a special meal (known as a Super Hall) is served. The College encourages these functions by providing free wine during the meals and by allowing each graduate to bring one guest per week at College expense. After the Friday night dinners a selection of beer, wines and soft drinks is available in the MCR. New students are also invited to a special Graduate Matriculation Dinner at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term.

Clare has a Graduate Admissions Tutor, a separate Graduate Tutor and an Assistant Graduate Tutor who represent the long term interests of the graduates and help in the formulation of general policy. They are available by appointment to help and advise any graduate member. They control some accommodation in College, and arrange accommodation for graduate students who are coming to Cambridge in conjunction with the Housekeeping Department.

We expect graduate students to have arranged their finances before coming into residence and, like the Board of Graduate Studies, we require graduates to show that they have adequate finances for all of their proposed stay in Cambridge, both maintenance and fees. Within this general provision we are able to give limited help to encourage graduates to purchase books and will consider helping with travel expenses (not removal expenses) which are essential for a particular piece of research. There are also a number of specialised hardship funds from which help may be requested if an individual's circumstances unexpectedly change. The Assistant Graduate Tutor will advise graduates who are in difficulty, but it should be emphasised that the College provides major financial support only in a few subjects.