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Enrolling for Easter 2019 Examinations

Almost all undergraduate (and some graduate) students will sit University examinations.  To complete the examinations for a BA Honours degree you will need to be classed in at least two Tripos examinations.  In a number of subjects three tripos examinations must be taken.  Natural Science and Engineering students taking a four-year course will sit four Tripos examinations.  Detailed information about the Tripos examinations can be found here.

Do I need to enrol for my exams?

That depends, for some students there is no choice of papers for the exams they are sitting and therefore you do not need to do anymore and you will be automatically enrolled by the University Records and Exams department.

For those students who do have a choice of papers the exam enrolment window is open now.  However, before you enrol for any exams you should discuss your choice of papers with your Director of Studies. 

For those students taking Chemical Engineering IIB, Physics Part II, Physics Part III, Earth Sciences Part III, Astrophysics Part III and Master of Advanced Study in Astrophysics or Physics, there is a further enrolment window in late January/February

Faculty/Department Enrolments

Enrolments for Part IIA and PartIIB of the Engineering Tripos will be made by the Engineering Department.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, in order to allow time for your Director's of Studies to approve your entries before the Board of Examinations closing date, students should make their entries before 30th October 2018

How do I enrol?

Instructions for on-line examination enrolment here

  1. Log in to your CamSIS self-service account
  2. Click start examination enrolment button.
  3. Select your 'career', in most cases this will be undergraduate.  Click the 'next' button.
  4. Now you can choose your subject area. If your subject is not displayed, add it using the 'add a new subject' button.  Now please select the Term in which you are sitting your examinations (usually Easter 2018).
  5. Now select your examinations.  Click the add button which will tick the papers your are enrolling in (you will see a confirmation of your paper each time you add).  You can drop a paper at anytime, just click the 'drop' button.  When you have chosen your exams click the 'finish' button.
  6. Finally, you should see a confirmation of your enrolment.  If you are happy with this then click the 'ok' button.
  7. If you selected "request change" a page will appear asking you to confirm your choice. If you are happy with the choice you have made, click yes to confirm it. This will then take you to a page that shows you have requested a change to the exams you have been registered to sit.
  8. Please remember that choosing "request change" DOES NOT automatically change the exam you will sit and you MUST visit the Tutorial Office to arrange to have your name added to the correct examination.  If you change your mind about any of your paper choices or have any corrections to make to examination entries after the enrolment deadline please contact the Tutorial Office directly.

What if I wish to make a change to my exam choice at a later date?

Changes can be made right up until you verify your exam enrolment in the Lent Term*.  If you wish to make a change to your exam papers, and you have spoken with your DoS, then you MUST contact Lesley Lambert immediately and she will process the change for you.  Please note that after the verification deadline (usually early February) absolutely no changes can be made to your exam entry.

*You will be reminded to check and verify your exam enrolment in the Lent Term, via email, from the Tutorial Office. 

At the start of the Easter Term you will receive an ECF, Examination Confirmation Form (yellow).  This ECF is your exam timetable and will display the location and times of your exam as well as your unique candidate number (Blind grade no.).

You should find this process self-explanatory,but if you have any questions about registering for your examinations on CamSIS or any other questions about examinations, please contact Lesley Lambert in the tutorial office.

Please note: Under certain circumstances, students may be allowed to take their examinations under special conditions. These applications are always made through your Tutor. The closing date for applications relating to existing, diagnosed conditions is January 2019. It is most important that you discuss your requirements with your Tutor or with Lesley Lambert in the Tutorial Office before this deadline. 

Guide to Undergraduate Exams

Please also see the University webpages relating to exams